Dwayne Johnson Celebrates ‘Very Rare’ Netflix Milestone

by Madison Miller

Dwayne Johnson paused mid-workout to give his fans an important update regarding a milestone. If he interrupted his workout for it, this update has to be good.

He was informed that he had hit a massive and very rare milestone on Netflix. He also shared in a video on Instagram that this might be the very first time a Hollywood star has achieved this, but that’s unclear at this time.

Dwayne Johnson Massive Netflix Milestone

“Quick pause of the workout to say (holy shit) THANK YOU!!! Just got a call from @netflix. I have 3 of the TOP 10 MOVIES IN THE WORLD,” he wrote on Instagram. He proceeded to thank his fans and called himself a “lucky son of a bi***.”

So, what are those three movies he has in the Top 10 movies in the world?

One of which is “Red Notice,” which he starred in alongside Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. This action-packed, comedic movie is actually Netflix’s biggest movie of all time. It is the most-watched movie and surpassed the previous record-holder, “Bird Box” with Sandra Bullock. According to CNN, as of December 1, the movie had close to 328.8 million viewers. “Bird Box” had 282 million in 2018.

Half of all Netflix users at that time had seen “Red Notice.”

Another movie in the Top 10 is “Hobbs & Shaw.” This is the spin-off “Fast & Furious” movie with Jason Statham. This movie has the highest audience score of any of the “Fast & Furious” movies. This was also Johnson’s very last appearance in this action movie franchise.

Lastly, “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” is also included in that list. In his post, he called the movie “a special family movie and one that I’ll always hold close to my [heart] for a few personal reasons.”

Having three movies in Netflix’s global Top 10 is no small accomplishment. It shows just how much The Rock is putting in the work. It’s been a truly monumental year for the popular Hollywood actor.

Dwayne Johnson ‘Fast & Furious’ Role

Earlier in his career, Dwayne Johnson appeared in three different main “Fast & Furious” films. He then did the spin-off movie in 2019, which is on that global Netflix list right now.

Despite a lot of time spent in that franchise, Johnson is firmly turning away the offer to appear in the last movie that comes out in 2023. Vin Diesel had invited Johnson via social media to appear in the last movie.

In an interview with CNN, Johnson voiced his distaste for the entire situation. He shared that he had spoken to Diesel privately about not wanting to appear in the movie. He was firm in his decision. Although he shared he would always root for the “Fast & Furious” world, he no longer wanted to be a part of it.

“Vin’s recent public post was an example of his manipulation. I didn’t like that he brought up his children in the post, as well as Paul Walker’s death. Leave them out of it. We had spoken months ago about this and came to a clear understanding,” he said during the interview.