Dwayne Johnson Demonstrates a ‘Walk of Hell’ in Tense Work Out

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)

One look at Dwayne Johnson will tell you he is an absolute monster with his exercise regimen. He lately illustrated his looks aren’t just for show, giving us a peek at his “Walk of Hell” workout and it certainly seems to live up to its name.

Men’s Health reports Johnson somehow gained even more muscle mass for his appearance in Black Adam. Though filming concluded last year, The Rock isn’t one to take it easy. Recording a video in his home gym, dubbed the “Iron Paradise,” we see him doing walking lunges preparing for a Zoa Energy commercial. Lunges themselves are one thing, but he takes it up a few notches by hoisting 120 pounds of metal chains over his shoulders as he does it. Luckily, you can see the brutality on his Instagram.

“Was intense, but we had fun shooting our bad ass @zoaenergy commercial that will air next month,” Dwayne Johnson captioned the post. “120LBS of chains ⛓ wrapped around my neck, as we filmed this “walk of hell” multiple times – so my legs were fucked up and on fire at this point but the energy and mana in the gym carried us thru.”

Men’s Health states Johnson’s strength coach Dave Rienzi often incorporates walking lunges into his routine. Also called Bulgarian split squats, they serve as an excellent workout finisher. “We’re aiming for muscular exhaustion here,” he told the outlet. “I’m not trying to load up where he’s lunging an insane amount of weight and he’s only doing 12 steps. We’re going in the other direction here.”

Only 12 steps with the chains, he says. With the post already sporting more than 11 million views, I think Johnson’s followers are impressed.

Dwayne Johnson is No Stranger to Brutal Workouts

The chain walking lunges may seem like “nothing insane” to Dwayne Johnson and his trainer, but that may be because the former’s workouts are always intense.

Johnson is never one to slack off or cut corners and you can see that in the videos he often posts. One area bodybuilders often (sadly) neglect are their legs. The lunges we saw are just one of many ways he tortures his legs. In a video posted late last year, we see him killing it with reloaded power squats.

“Smashed leg training this morning and finished with this reloaded power squat 4×25.
Give it a shot next leg day,” he writes about the sets. “These final 100 reps at the end of your leg training are brutal, but extremely productive. Put yourself thru hell when you train, but especially on leg day. Legs separate the men from the boys. Don’t skip it.”

Those last words are crucial. It’s great for weight management and there’s a certain satisfaction with having your legs feel like jelly the rest of the day.