Dwayne Johnson Enjoys His Sunday with His ‘Two Tornadoes’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images,)

For many Americans, this weekend has been one full of snow, ice, and a varying mix of unpleasant winter weather. However, some people, including Hollywood icon Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, chose to spend his Sunday inside with his “two tornadoes.” Check out the star’s sweet tribute to his daughters below.

Typically, Dwayne Johnson can be found drawing the adoring gazes and cheers of fans worldwide. However, the “Red Notice” star instead found himself making breakfast and learning about pond monsters with his two little girls early Sunday. Altogether, the photo captures the two girls, Jazzy and Tia, intently focused on their reptilian Youtube studies. “The Rock” squeezes in alongside his girls.

“Daddy made Sunday morning breakfast for the two tornadoes,” Johnson began. Although a sweet family breakfast “quickly turned into watching the ‘evil pond monsters'” that occupy the waters behind family homes.

Overall, the photo is immensely sweet, capturing the varying personalities of Dwayne Johnson’s two youngest children.

As the movie star highlights, Jazzy, to our right, appears to be contemplating how to best track these backyard intruders. Meanwhile, Tia (our left) debates much more drastic approaches to the “pond monsters.”

Dwayne Johnson concludes the post, “Enjoy your Sunday with your families,” although we’re sure “The Rock” boasted the most informative Sunday occupations of all.

Dwayne Johnson Dominates Netflix Top-10 Films

When it comes to being a dad, Dwayne Johnson has the role locked down pretty tight. Often, his social media channels boast sweet photos of and with his kids. However, on the professional front, “The Rock” is doing just as well as he’s recently celebrated one huge Netflix-centric milestone.

Following the release of one of his latest Netflix films, “Red Notice,” Dwayne Johnson and his costars, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, received instant recognition for their performances. Now, weeks following the film’s debut, it remains among the streaming network’s Top 10 Movies in the World. Although, with the immediate positive viewer response that followed the film’s release, it comes as no surprise.

Alongside “Red Notice,” however, Dwayne Johnson boasts not one but two more Top 10 Netflix films.

The second is “Hobbs & Shaw,” an off-shoot of the popular film franchise, which Dwayne Johnson has permanently abandoned, “Fast & Furious.” Starring alongside Jason Statham, the film concludes the final appearance Johnson made associated with the Vin Diesel-produced franchise.

And finally, we have “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.” The final film among the top 10 might not ring a bell as loudly or clearly as “Red Notice” or “Hobbs & Shaw” and that’s because it predates the two by several years, initially releasing in 2012.

Comparatively, “Red Notice” debuted just weeks ago, while “Hobbs & Shaw” remains relatively recent, premiering only in 2019.