Dwayne Johnson Finally Reveals Contents of Fanny Pack From Iconic Turtleneck Photo

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for DJ)

One of the most iconic photos of Dwayne Johnson has to be the turtleneck and fanny pack pic complete with the mom jeans and gold chain.

After all of these years, there are still parodies and Halloween costumes of the moment. In the age of the internet, the photo took on a whole new life. Recently, the San Antonio Spurs mascot donned the fanny pack for an Instagram post.

Of course, The Rock took the time to respond to the pic. He can turn on that WWE personality almost like a switch. While his post was great, it was the replies and the comments that made it hilarious. And, we finally know what he was carrying in the fanny pack!

Check out the post below and see for yourself.

Great picture, however, perhaps an even greater reply that fans have to dig just a little bit to see. Adam Ray, an online comedian, was quick to reply. “Did we ever discuss what’s IN the fanny pack?? To me, this is the greatest question for the photo. It can’t be filled with just mints & passports.”

“Pop Tarts and condoms,” The Rock replied.

That resulted in a flurry of laughs and reactions from fans. Dwayne Johnson flipped the switch and went back to his wrestling superstar attitude and personality. He still remains a huge personality in Hollywood.

The Rock and A Coyote Walk Into A Bar…

Of course, in the caption of the post, Johnson responded to the San Antonio Spurs photo. Perhaps he was a big Tim Duncan guy. Keldon Johnson is doing good things down there!

“The Most Electrifying Mascot in the [NBA],” Dwayne Johnson said about the Spurs Coyote. “And I still look like the Buff Lesbian Lunch Lady with my thumb confidently stuck in my leather fanny pack,” the superstar entertainer continued. “Good to see you having some fun Coyote, next time I’m in San Antonio we’re drinking [Teremana].”

So, if you live in or around the San Antonio area and see The Rock drinking tequila with a coyote… mind your business. They’re good friends.

Dwayne Johnson Movie Getting Two Sequels

Back in the real world, Dwayne Johnson is just as big as ever. He just had a huge success with Red Notice on Netflix. The film, alongside Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, is having quite the moment. Some comedy, some spy thriller, and a lot of fun the movie is now going to get two sequels.

While the sequels are coming, it won’t be very soon. The first of the sequels is going to start in 2023, then who knows when. The film was a big hit on the streaming service, despite what critics thought of it. So, Netflix is pumping more money into a franchise and hoping that the popularity sticks. With Dwayne Johnson along for the ride, it should be a success.