Dwayne Johnson Gets Pumped With Pec Shredding Work Out

by Clayton Edwards

Dwayne Johnson is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and I’m not talking about his blockbuster movies. From everything we see on social media, it looks like The Rock’s happy place is his gym. He does call it the Iron Paradise, after all. He spends hours in there almost every day, putting in work to keep his Adonis-like body covered in slabs of toned muscle. Lately, Johnson has shared some of his workout sessions with his followers.

Today, Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram to show part of his chest day routine. Just watching the video below might make your whole upper body sore. It’s a pretty hardcore workout. However, The Rock has never shied away from hard work and that goes double for his time in the gym. Check out the video to see how Johnson keeps his chest shredded.

Yes, those are 120-pound dumbbells that Dwayne Johnson is working out with. That’s a grand total of 240 pounds he’s putting up with minimal strain. We don’t get to see the full set in the video. However, in the post’s caption, Johnson says he does ten reps. We see seven of those before the footage loops.

Dwayne Johnson goes into a little more detail in the caption. He says he’s “breaking down the pec fibers” with flat dumbbell presses with 120 weights. He adds that its’ “slow and controlled” with a three-second negative and a “slight squeeze pause” at the top. That means he pauses at the top of the lift, fully engages his chest muscles, and takes three seconds to lower the weight to its starting point.

How Dwayne Johnson’s Pec Shredding Workout Helps

Dwayne Johnson ended his post by saying “Great session. Torn it up, tore it down.” He knows his stuff.

Johnson notes that the dumbbell presses he’s doing are “breaking down” his pectoral muscles. However, they’re doing more than that. Much like the classic barbell bench press, these dumbbell presses hit most of the upper body. They primarily work the chest but also hit the triceps and deltoids. Additionally, dumbbell presses help with the symmetry of muscle growth because both arms are doing equal work. As a result, Dwayne Johnson is working on his chest shelf, building the backs of his upper arms, and further contributing to those boulders he calls shoulders.

You can add this workout to your chest day session. Then, check out how Dwayne Johnson ends his leg day routine. He uses a power squat machine lifting 100 pounds. After 100 reps of that, he calls it a day. Keep in mind those squats and the above dumbbell presses are only part of his daily training sessions. These brutal workout sessions help the Rock stay ripped.