Dwayne Johnson Plays Hilarious Game of Trust With His Daughters

by Maggie Schneider

Dwayne Johnson is sharing with fans this adorable game that he plays with his daughters: “What could possibly go wrong?”

In addition to being a legendary actor and former wrestler, Dwayne Johnson is a family man. “The Rock” simply loves being a dad, and shares this love with fans through social media. His latest post shows a hilarious game of trust that he plays with his two daughters.

In the cute video, Tiana and Jasmine tell their dad to close his eyes and trust them. Giggling ensues, and Johnson’s little one decides to punch her dad in a sensitive area. “The Rock” shows his surprise on his face and starts laughing with his daughters.

“What could possibly go wrong?” Johnson asks, while using very appropriate emojis.

“My little tornadoes’ favorite daddy game to play is ‘Daddy close your eyes and TRUST ME’, 😂” he continues. “I’ll pay the price every time to get belly laughs and little giggles like this.”

Dwayne Johnson also praises his daughter Tia for having “helluva straight right.”

Fans of the star are enjoying the clip immensely. The comments section is hilarious.

“I think we ALL just learned a lesson from this!” actor Ryan Ochoa writes.

“Ok the rocks rocks aren’t rocks,” a fan hilariously writes.

Dwayne Johnson Reflects on 2021

In an interview with CNN, “The Rock” took a minute to reflect on his big year. The actor and businessman took on many ventures during the pandemic, including energy drink brand “ZOA ENERGY” and his own tequila brand, “Teremana.” He also starred in multiple films, including the Netflix hit Red Notice. The 49-year old looks back on his accomplishments.

“I worked hard, had some luck on my side and was able to accomplish a few things in 2021,” he begins. A few highlights that come to mind, one would be completing two massive Seven Bucks Productions films, ‘Red Notice’ and ‘Black Adam.’ (Set for release in 2022.) Both presented a lot of challenges during Covid, but like so many businesses out there, we adjust, get clarity, create our new Covid strategy and get to work.

Johnson also shares what he would have done differently in 2021.

“I would’ve listened to my gut when it was telling me to slow down a bit. Enjoy these moments even more with your family and friends, because at the end of the day these joyful moments are the s*** that really matters in life. Sorry to cuss but that’s the truth. Good lesson to always listen to that voice in your gut.”

We can’t wait to see what Johnson does next in 2022.