Dwayne Johnson Provides All the Motivation You Need to ‘Get the Jump’ on 2022

by Quentin Blount

Okay, Outsiders. The new year is almost here and you know what that means. It’s time to bring in Dwayne Johnson to help motivate us to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

The man also known as “The Rock” took to his official Instagram account on Monday to give his 284 million followers some much-needed motivation.

“Let’s get the jump on 2022 right now!” Johnson says in his latest post. “If there’s something that’s been gnawing at your gut that you need to make happen — in work, relationships, school, mental health, personal stuff, etc — whatever it is, do it and don’t look back.”

He doesn’t want you to feel like you’re in this alone, either. Even Johnson himself has things he is looking to reconcile during the new year.

“I have a few things in my life I need to reconcile this week, so I’m right there with you guys – no more circling the plane. Land it.”

Check out the full clip down below:

Dwayne Johnson Believes Being Disciplined Is Better Than Living with Regret

In the clip up above, you can see Dwayne Johnson’s machine that he uses to get in his cardio work.

“My second cardio session of the morning, I’m a mad man today. I’m gonna go train later on on the weights. But there is a method to my madness. There’s big Bertha my cardio machine,” Johnson says before panning the camera over to a big pink dollhouse. “And there’s all my toys in the background in case I want to go play with my dolls.”

All jokes aside, though, Dwayne Johnson is absolutely getting after it. The new year is still five days away but that’s not stopping Johnson from getting a headstart.

“A little Monday motivation as all you guys are kicking off your week. You guys know I love to, and I know a lot of you guys love to do this too, is getting a jump start on the new year. I do it the first Monday after Christmas — so I’m already getting a jumpstart on 2022.”

Johnson believes that staying disciplined is much easier than living with regret. As such, he made sure to share one of his favorite quotes from a man by the name of Inky Johnson.

“The price of regret is much heavier than the price of discipline. The whole philosophy is you never want to wake up one day, one week, one year down the road and go, ‘Sh-t, I wish I would have listened to my gut. I wish I would’ve done this thing.’ You don’t want to live in regret.”

In conclusion, Johnson has one simple message for all of you out there as we head into 2022: “Have a great week. Be disciplined. Let’s go.”