Dwayne Johnson Recounts ‘Wild and Fun’ Story About a Monkey Named Macho

by Liz Holland

Dwayne Johnson has a magnetic energy according to the story he told on his Instagram on Sunday. 

“The Rock” shared a fun and hilarious story after he endured a potentially once in a lifetime experience. The 49 year old actor invited “Saving Wildlife International,” (SWI) a SoCal nonprofit wildlife conservation organization to his home for his children and to help celebrate a birthday at the home. 

One of the animals the organization brought was a monkey named “Macho” that Johnson described as “incredible.”

He also shared that the monkey was “very rambunctious”. According to his description, all of his guests were warned to not get too close to the animal. 

This Wild Monkey Fell in Love With Dwayne Johnson

“I was speaking to the trainer who said, ‘Macho is really wanting to get close to you’,” Johnson wrote in his Instagram post. He continues, “I asked, ‘Why, is it a male thing?’ He said, ‘No it’s an Alpha thing. Your energy and size, he thinks you’re just like a Silverback and Macho wants to feel protected by you.’”

We really can’t blame Macho. A former world renowned professional wrestler, Dwayne Johnson towers at 6’5” and weighs roughly 270 pounds. 

“I said, ‘Well you tell Macho, I don’t have time to be his Silverback daddy – I got sh-t to do.’

That’s when Macho held my arm, then he hid himself underneath my arm, then he pulled me so I would sit down and then he climbed in my lap 🤣🦍🐒”

Who could say no to that? In an adorable twist, this firecracker of an animal just wanted The Rock to hold him. Potentially the most hilarious part of the whole story is that Johnson spent the next 20 minutes talking about saving animals, but he held this crazy monkey in his lap the whole time as if he was one of Johnson’s children. 

The actor was sure to give a special thank you to the organization in his storytelling as well.

“Thank you to Saving Wildlife International for all their excellent and critical work on behalf of our amazing animal planet,” he wrote. 

You can check out his post below, where he shares an adorable series of snaps with the infamous Macho.

Tune In On Super Bowl Sunday For a Special Surprise

In other Dwayne Johnson-related news, the icon recently teased a special surprise for fans who watch the Super Bowl. Although he didn’t specifically mention any ad he might be appearing in next month, he did say he filmed something set to debut on February 13th. 

“Very cool and big surprise I filmed for SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. My playing in the @NFL & Super Bowl dreams never came true,” the performer wrote on Instagram. “I  may have failed, BUT I get lucky and win every time I can live vicariously thru the players living out THEIR DREAMS when they take the field. Dreams ain’t just for dreamers… Bring on the Super Bowl.”