Dwayne Johnson Reflects on His Regrets from 2021

by Quentin Blount

2021 has nearly come and gone. As a result, everyone — including the one and only Dwayne Johnson — is looking back on the year.

“I worked hard, had some luck on my side and was able to accomplish a few things in 2021,” Johnson told CNN Entertainment on Wednesday.

A few of the highlights that come to mind for the star actor include completing two massive Seven Bucks Productions films in Red Notice and Black Adam. Both movies are set for release sometime in 2022. Johnson also talked about how the coronavirus pandemic has led to a lot of adjustments in the film industry. He credits the people he works with for helping to see things through.

“Both presented a lot of challenges during Covid, but like so many businesses out there, we adjust, get clarity, create our new Covid strategy, and get to work.”

Enjoy the Little Things

So, does Dwayne Johnson have any regrets to think back on over the course of the past year? We all have something we wish we could take back, and he’s no different. If there was one thing he could go back in change during 2021, he says he would have “listened” to his gut.

“As for anything I would have done differently in 2021, sure, I would have listened to my gut when it was telling me to slow down a bit.”

Dwayne Johnson? Slow down? That just doesn’t seem like him. But the 49-year-old actor does have a point — it’s the little things, the time with family, friends, and loved ones that really matters.

“Enjoy these moments even more with your family and friends because at the end of the day these joyful moments are the s*** that really matters in life. Sorry to cuss but that’s the truth. Good lesson to always listen to that voice in your gut.”

Regrets in the Past, Dwayne Johnson is Getting a Jumpstart on 2022

Is there anyone on the planet who can motivate us more than The Rock? We’re not saying it’s impossible, it just doesn’t seem likely.

Dwayne Johnson took to his official Instagram account on Monday to give us all the motivation we need to get through the week — and perhaps more importantly — the new year.

“Let’s get the jump on 2022 right now! If there’s something that’s been gnawing at your gut that you need to make happen — in work, relationships, school, mental health, personal stuff, etc — whatever it is, do it and don’t look back.”

“I have a few things in my life I need to reconcile this week, so I’m right there with you guys,” he said. “No more circling the plane — land it.”

Check out the entire video down below: