Dwayne Johnson Reveals He Really Wants a Ford F-150 Lightning

by Maria Hartfield

American actor and former pro-wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a longtime supporter and friend of Ford. In fact, he penned an endorsement deal with the carmaker a few years ago. Johnson’s made it known he’s ready for his next vehicle, a Ford F-150 Lightning.

Dwayne Johnson and Ford’s partnership is worth an estimated $15 million per year. Johnson’s got a soft spot for Ford due to his early days of driving a 1977 Ford Thunderbird. The actor admits he’s “been a Ford man ever since.” So, about that Ford F-150 Lightning upgrade.

The Hollywood superstar hasn’t been shy about his desire for Ford’s smartest and most innovative truck. He responded to Ford CEO Jim Farley’s post on Twitter mentioning the Ford F-150 Lightning order conversion process.

“Well said, Jim! Delivering the goods,” The Rock tweeted. “I have my 350 Super Duty for the farm, but as soon as we all get thru our supply chain dynamic I’ll try the #F150Lightning. Keep delivering for the people and Happy New Year buddy.”

Farley quipped back saying, “@TheRock Appreciate the support! It’s a huge challenge, but we’re making real progress. Plus investing billions in a new battery and EV production in America. And I already promised @Schwarzenegger a test ride in a #F150Lightning, so we can pick you up.”

Most of us have seen Dwayne Johnson give away at least one vehicle over the last few years. Alas, it’s finally time for The Rock to treat himself to his next automobile.

In 2017, Johnson generously gave a new 2018 Ford Mustang GT to an Iraq War veteran and Purple Heart recipient. Then, he gifted a custom Ford F-150 to his stunt double. It doesn’t stop there. Dwayne also surprised his close friend and mentor with a Ford F-150. And finally, the man gave away his own personal Ford F-150 Raptor to a Navy veteran over Thanksgiving.

Despite The Rock’s obvious pull at Ford, he may still have to wait before he can get his hands on the all-electric truck. Ford has admitted to falling short of being able to fill current demand for the F-150 Lightning. Reservations for the 2022 model are rolling in and Ford is ramping up production in an effort to keep up. Still, if anyone can find a way up the list of reservations, it’s Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

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