Dwayne Johnson Reveals Why He Never Fought in the UFC

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Dwayne Johnson. The Rock. From Division I college football player to WWE superstar and more. Now, why did he never try the UFC?

When you see The Rock, you know you’re looking at an elite athlete. He played football for the Miami Hurricanes, rose to fame as a pro wrestler doing all kinds of stunts and moves and jumps and dangerous things. However, we’re all grown up here, it isn’t exactly real fighting. No one on Smackdown or Raw is trying to knock each other out.

While folks can wonder and ask what if about The Rock and the UFC, he has taken the time to let it be known where he stands. There are no preconceived notions about why he never fought for real. Check out his latest Instagram post and see for yourself.

Dwayne Johnson is not going to act tough here. He told UFC Live on ABC exactly what the situation was. “I would have gotten my face smashed in and I like my jaw where it’s at.” So, don’t expect any celebrity fighting matches coming from him!

It is a completely different game as they say. Still, Dwayne Johnson is a mountain of a man. At 6’5″ and 260 lbs, The Rock would be a formidable heavyweight fighter. For instance, the current UFC Heavyweight Champion is Francis Ngannou. He’s 6’4″ and 250 lbs. The French Cameroonian is a fighting machine and just retained his title on Saturday night.

Dwayne Johnson Almost Fought in PRIDE

The post caption detailed the situation a little bit more. There was a time when Dwayne Johnson wasn’t The Rock yet. And, he almost made the trip to Japan to train in MMA.

“It’s been fun for journalist[s] to dream up the scenarios if I had competed in UFC instead of a career in WWE,” Johnson wrote. “There was a point in 1997 when I seriously considered going to Japan to train as an MMA fighter and compete (in PRIDE) when my wrestling career was FAILING MISERABLY as “Rocky Maivia. But I realized very quickly, how much I actually hate being punched in the kisser.”

That is something to imagine. Old 1990s highlights of Johnson making his way through PRIDE. Not many folks made long careers in that type of fighting back then. Sadly, we don’t have these highlights because it never happened. But, if it did, I’d have to think that The Rock would be able to get some wins under his belt. He wouldn’t have been completely hopeless.

However, Dwayne Johnson isn’t a fool. He knows what those UFC guys are like and being in the heavyweight division would have been a very hard and painful road. After seeing Ngannou defeat Ciryl Gane for the title last night, I bet that Johnson is thanking his lucky stars that he never got into the sport of MMA.