Dwayne Johnson Shares a Heartfelt Thanks to ‘Young Rock’ Creator for Capturing His Early Days

by Madison Miller

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gets to relive his glory days wrestling once again.

That’s thanks to the NBC show called “Young Rock,” which will debut its second season on March 15, 2022.

Dwayne Johnson Heartfelt Message to Nahnatchka Khan

The entire series is based on the upbringing of Johnson as he becomes one of the most popular professional wrestlers in history and then an A-list Hollywood actor. It is created, directed, and written by Nahnatchka Khan. She is most known for her previous work on projects like “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23,” “Fresh Off the Boat,” and “Always Be My Maybe.”

Now, Dwayne Johnson is sending her all the love for her hard work on “Young Rock.” He shared a picture of the two of them working together on Instagram.

He captioned it, “She’s an industry groundbreaker and one of the most gifted, sharpest showrunners in Hollywood – I respect and love this woman to no end. As you guys know, #YoungRock is our @sevenbucksprod NBC series based on my insane life growing up in the wild world of pro wrestling. With Nahnatchka, I’ve shared the good, the bad, the ugly, the really fu***** ugly and the really fu***** good parts of my life and it’s her job to interpret and extrapolate for families to enjoy around the world.”

He’s also celebrating the fact that the show was the No. 1 comedy on NBC last season. Beyond their connection making “Young Rock,” Dwayne Johnson even had a childhood connection to Khan. Johnson, Khan, and her brother used to watch pro wrestling in the same arena back in the ’80s in Hawaii.

“How’s that for life coming FULL CIRCLE,” Johnson also wrote. Well, fill circle is also being so famous and influential you get an entire comedy series written about your upbringing.

Khan Talks Telling Johnson’s Story

For Dwayne Johnson, there is no one better to tell his story than Nahnatchka Khan.

Her household had a passion for film, TV, and professional wrestling. Her brother, Nick Khan is the president of WWE. Both got involved in the entertainment industry and are passionate about what they’re doing.

For Khan, capturing all the nuances of Johnson’s life in a funny and entertaining way is no simple task.  “He’s one of those famous people on the planet. Even if you don’t really know that much about Dwayne Johnson, a lot of people have a cursory passing knowledge of who he is and what he’s done. But there’s so much that people don’t know about how he got to where he is. I think that’s what we’re interested in exploring … the surprising moments and the times where it was really tough for him and his family,” Khan said, according to Deadline.

When it comes to his family, that’s a huge focus in the series. Specifically, Khan wanted to emulate the strong female forces that played a role in his life. His grandmother was the first female wrestling promoter ever. She was a strong Samoan widow and Khan wanted to really show this powerful image on the show.