Dwayne Johnson Teases 2022 Plans in Epic Photo from Runway

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for DJ)

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson teases fans by posing on an airplane runway. What could the star be planning for 2022?

Does Dwayne Johnson ever sleep? We don’t think so. From being crowned “The People’s Champion” at this year’s People’s Choice Awards to starring in the hit Netflix film “Red Notice,” the star is always promoting something. Johnson’s post from last night shows that he is already planning for the new year.

Decked out in his own collaboration with Under Armour, “The Rock” stands on an airplane runway. With a bag by his feet and a determined look on his face, Johnson is ready for a productive week.

“Lots of big changes and big biz buildouts planning for 2022 and beyond,” he writes. “Have a productive week.”

Fans are scrolling through the comments section to find hints about Johnson’s upcoming projects. Project Rock, his clothing collection with Under Armour, comments a cryptic eyes emoji. “ZOA Energy,” a healthy energy drink founded by Johnson, comments “FLY as always!” Could Johnson be working more with his established companies? Or, will his business ventures for 2022 be new?

Whatever his new projects may be, fans are excited to see “The Rock” still in action. Fire emojis and red hearts are flooding the comments.

“ITS ABOUT DRIVE ITS ABOUT POWER WE STAY HUNGRY WE DEVOUR” one fan writes, quoting his song with rapper Tech N9ne.

“Looking FLY when you FLY,” actor Ryan Ochoa comments.

Dwayne Johnson: “The People’s Champion”

Just last week, Dwayne Johnson was crowned “The People’s Champion” at the 2021 People’s Choice Awards. In a powerful introduction, Jeff Bezos introduces “The Rock.”

“His achievements are legend. His work ethic is unparalleled. He transcends all demographics. He is impossible not to like and he can sure put down a lot of pancakes,” he begins. “But even with all that, the thing that really stands out the most? He’s kind. … You see, kindness is a choice. And what I admire most in Dwayne is his choice to show unwavering kindness to everyone around him.”

This kindness is revealed towards the end of Johnson’s speech, when he decides to give his award to a Make-A-Wish recipient in the crowd. Surprising the teen girl and fans everywhere, he explains why he wants to give her the honor instead.

“I met her earlier. I told her how inspired I was by her story. She is a survivor,” he says. “She has inspired her family, her friends, now you guys here, now the world that is watching.”

The teen joins “The Rock” onstage and thanks him for his kindness. My favorite part of this moment are Dwayne Johnson’s final words. He decides to quote the boxing legend Muhammad Ali, who was also known as “the people’s champion.”

“It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.”