Dwayne Johnson Wishes Fan Well, Whose Mother Is Having Heart Surgery

by Matthew Memrick

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson knows how important mothers are, and he reached out to a fan whose mother is having heart surgery.

Johnson showed Instagram footage of the special moment with Michelle Davis.

“Get in there. Let’s knock it out,” Johnson told Michelle. “Brandon needs you. We need you. I need you.”

Son Brandon caught her response, giving her support as well.

“Oh my God,” Michelle Davis said. “I need a copy of that video.”

She said she knew she was going to be alright after seeing Johnson’s kind words of encouragement. She thought the message was sweet.  

Johnson connected with Phase Zero podcast producer Brandon Davis early Monday morning on Twitter. The podcast focuses on Marvel Comic Universe-related stuff.

Johnson’s upcoming film, “Black Adam,” is part of the Marvel Comic Universe and lots of fans loved the message on Brandon Davis’s Instagram post.

Johnson Movie Coming Out Friday

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s upcoming movie, “Red Notice,” hit small screens on Friday. And he did a little stylin’ promotion on his Instagram account Monday.

The star’s production company put out a quick clip of him modeling in an art gallery with music from Naz Tokio in the background. He’s a few great looks going for him.

Johnson stars as a cop who goes after the world’s top art thieves (Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot). Johnson’s production company is behind the Netflix film. The film had a $200 million budget.

According to Bustle, the film is Netflix’s biggest film to date. However, it reportedly was set to make around $1 million over the weekend.

The pandemic has made a mess of the movie world’s box office. According to CNN, the film initially was a Universal Studios film, but then Netflix bought it. Because of its large budget, the streaming service gave the film a limited release.

Screen Rant reported that “Red Notice” opened in only 750 theatres while another Marvel movie, “The Eternals,” opened to 4,090 theatres in the same week

Johnson’s Old Fanny Pack Look

The star posted a picture of himself and his costars on Friday with the caption, “Two of the biggest movie stars in the world. And a guy who’s famous for wearing a fanny pack.”

Friends and fans have teased over the years for a throwback photo in which he wore a fashionable fanny pack. The 90s photo shows Johnson as he poses in a stairwell, wearing a black turtleneck tucked into belted jeans, a silver chain around his neck, and, of course, a black fanny pack. 

Actor-comedian Kevin Hart even dressed up as Johnson with his pack for a 2019 Halloween costume. The show, Saturday Night Live, had the star recreated it when his hosted in May 2017.