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Dylan McDermott Calls 3-Hour ‘FBI’ Episode ‘Greatest Crossover Event Ever’

by Joe Rutland
dylan mcdermott photo
(Photo by Mark Schäfer/CBS via Getty Images)

Actor Dylan McDermott is hyping up a Tuesday night three-hour crossover event involving all three FBI shows on CBS. Producer Dick Wolf unites his CBS dramas — FBIFBI: International, and FBI: Most Wanted — for a “global crossover event” and FBI: Most Wanted‘s McDermott is teeing up quite the evening.

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“It’s an amazing cast on all the shows — an incredible storyline — us working as a unit. I thought it was really fun. I think it’s going to be an incredible three hours,” McDermott said in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE. “It’s great to see us interacting with each other, going from show to show. The universe comes together on one special night. It’s definitely going to be appointment television,” McDermott, 61, adds.

Dylan McDermott Has Been A Part Of Other Dick Wolf Crossover Events

The three-part mega-episode, titled Imminent Threat, sees the FBI teams working together when an American citizen is abducted in Rome. An international plot for a mass-casualty terror attack in New York City gets discovered.

McDermott, who plays Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott, is no stranger to crossover projects in the Wolf Entertainment world. Though this is his first one since joining the FBI franchise a year ago, McDermott was involved in a Law & Order universe multi-show event. He did that while portraying evil crime boss Richard Wheatley on Law & Order: Organized Crime on NBC.

McDermott Wanted To Have A Hand In Creating Remy Scott Character

McDermott said that he “didn’t want to walk into a role that I didn’t know. I really wanted to have a part in creating who this guy was. By the time I got to set, I was comfortable with the character right away.”

McDermott is also the kind of actor, it turns out, who can watch his own work back. He loves getting involved in all elements of the process. That ranges from creating Scott to watching the agent come to life every week on screen, PEOPLE reports.

“I watch all the episodes because I want this show to be successful. The hardest thing about making television is you have to keep doing it. And you can’t let the fans down,” McDermott said.

The actor comes up wth a moniker for the crossover. “How about the greatest crossover event ever?” McDermott said of the endeavor, also meaning that, yes, he wants his friends over at the Organized Crime Control Bureau to know they “sure” need to step up their game next time they have a crossover of their own. The three-hour crossover event airs on Tuesday, April 4, on CBS.