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Dylan McDermott Slated to Appear with Daughter Collette in Upcoming ‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Ep

by TK Sanders

There’s no greater thrill as a parent than getting to work with your kids.

On April 11, longtime TV star Dylan McDermott is gets to work with his daughter, Colette McDermott, when she joins FBI: Most Wanted. The younger McDermott will play Carly Cassidy, a college student with ties to the task force’s latest case.

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Here’s a brief synopsis of the episode: In “The Miseducation of Metcalf 2,” Dylan’s character, Remy Scott, and the Most Wanted team search for two missing coeds. Carly’s older brother becomes involved in a homicide that occurred in their dorm room.

Some grim subject matter, yes, but Dylan said he found working with his daughter a joy.

“She is in many ways who I want to be when I grow up,” Dylan, 61, tells PEOPLE. “She got the whole package. She’s a beautiful, loving, caring, sensitive, compassionate person. And I’m just so deeply proud of her. And the fact now that we get to be on this show together? Because [with] your kids, one minute you’re holding them in your arms, and the next minute they’re on screen with you — it’s just surreal.”

Colette said she’s “learned a lot from her dad,” but filming with him was a new experience. Luckily, she started filming the episode before him, meaning she got to get used to her character before needing to act opposite Dylan.

Collette McDermott said she shares “strong genes” with her father, Dylan

When the big moment arrived, both dad and daughter had to keep themselves composed. “We definitely had a moment where we couldn’t stop laughing, so we had to get past that in a rehearsal,” Colette, 26, laughed with a smile.

Dylan says Colette “got to be her own person and act in scenes that I wasn’t in [because of the scheduling]. She already knew everybody, and then we were able to do a scene together without her being nervous. I think she’s great in this episode. I think it’s a wonderful showcase for her. It’s time for her to take over the family business. And not only is my daughter in it, my dog [Otis] also makes a brief appearance.”

Working with family was especially meaningful for Colette, too. She said her relationship with Dylan has matured over the years.

“I really enjoy our friendship. I feel like we have a mutual respect for each other. It’s so cool. We’re able to really talk like friends a lot of the time. I’m really grateful for that,” she says.

As for how she and dad are similar, Colette said that they both share a passion for understanding their worlds around them.

“I think we’re both deeply emotional people, and I think, being an empath, really helps connect to different scenarios and stories,” she notes. “I definitely see that in him and I think I share his sensitivity.”