‘Dynasty’ Star Leann Hunley Looks Back Fondly on Time on Show

by Allison Hambrick

Dynasty actress Leann Hunley reflects on playing Dana Warring on the hit television series, which was known for its unapologetic campiness. Her character married into the iconic Carrington family, and she starred in the last three seasons of the series.

Previously, Hunley starred on Days of Our Lives from 1982 to 1986. She has starred on and off as Anne DiMera over the years, having made three returns to the role. She currently appears in Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem, which streams on Peacock. To Hunley, moving from Days to Dynasty was a natural transition.

“I was playing glamour on Days so it was kind of a natural evolution for me to just go on to that show, which was the height of glam,” the actress explained. Historically, Dynasty was known for its overdramatic stories and extravagant fashions.

According to Hunley, one of the best aspects of working on Dynasty was working with the ever-iconic Joan Collins.

“I always remember with Joan, even if she wasn’t there, you could feel her coming because people started getting a little antsy,” Hunley said. “She was always so lovely to me and very quick-witted.”

Joan Collins Calls Out Misogyny on Dynasty

Unfortunately, Collins felt very negatively about her time on Dynasty. She and costar John Forsythe often clashed on set, and the producers continuously took his side. As a result, she theorized that misogyny was at the core of her struggles on the show.

For her role on the series, Collins made $15,000 per episode. Alternatively, Forsythe made around $25,000 to 30,000. After years of complaining, she did receive a raise, “with a caveat that they’d only put me in half the episodes as [they] couldn’t afford to pay me.”

“They were so misogynistic they allowed this to happen,” Collin said. She recalled advice that she received from Marilyn Monroe to beware the “wolves” in Hollywood. The iconic starlet told Collins that if she didn’t deliver on what they wanted from her, they would ruin her.

Additionally, Collins called out Forsythe for being a “misogynistic p—k” who put himself first. According to the star, he had an unusual contract.

“He also had it in his contract that he always had to have $5,000 an episode more than anybody else in the cast,” she explained. “And that in any publicity that went out about the show, he always had to be front and center.”

While one may question her bitterness towards her costar, Collins focused more on the quality of the show when calling out producers. She genuinely believed her work on the show was worth more than what the producers gave her, and Forsythe was a big reason why.

“I was impressed by myself,” the Dynasty star said, after rewatching herself on the show. “Quite frankly, I think I should have got more [money].”