‘Elvis’ Biopic Dethrones ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ at the Box Office in Opening Weekend

by Shelby Scott

After an impressive month spent on top, Baz Lurhmann’s brand new Elvis biopic has officially knocked Top Gun: Maverick from its throne. This past weekend saw the brand new film take the lead in box office stats.

According to the AP, Elvis‘s opening weekend grossed an impressive $31.1 million. Incredibly, this slightly surpassed Warner Bros. studios’ $30.5 million prediction on Sunday. Comparatively, the outlet states Paramount Pictures “slightly overestimated” Top Gun‘s success in its fifth weekend. The Top Gun sequel achieved just $29.6 million after the studio estimated another $30.5 million in earnings.

Nevertheless, both of the major pictures performed well. Incredibly, Elvis attracted “large numbers” of older viewers, while Top Gun: Maverick dipped just 34% overall. The Elvis biopic’s success, however, is especially impressive as the nostalgic film is currently up against several major productions. These include Jurassic World: Dominion, The Black Phone, and Pixar’s lukewarmly received Lightyear; that’s aside from Tom Cruise’s massively successful Top Gun sequel.

Colonel Tom Parker’s Biographer Blasted Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Elvis’ Amid Glowing Praise

Everyday moviegoers are highly impressed by Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic. However, given the massive role that The King’s manager Colonel Tom Parker played in his career, and the way Luhrmann made him out to be a villain, the colonel’s biographer has some less positive things to say about the film.

Above all else, Alanna Nash, who published Parker’s biography The Colonel in 2003, claims Elvis ignores the “many accomplishments” Parker shared with the King of Rock N’ Roll. Nash said, “The past, present, and future are all shook up like a ’50s milkshake and served with a thousand straws!”

Despite Nash’s negative review of the film, however, Elvis has received unyielding praise; most especially from Elvis Presley’s immediate family. Even more noteworthy, both Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley have been extremely outspoken in their praise.

Weeks before the biopic premiered in theaters, Priscilla Presley awarded Elvis actor Austin Butler endless compliments. Lisa Marie Presley stated the 30-year-old managed to “channel” her father.

Top Gun: Maverick Achieves $1B Globally

While Elvis battles for domination at the box office, Top Gun: Maverick has reached historic heights. Following its success, the Tom Cruise film has officially become the 50th film to ever gross more than one billion. Even more impressively, Top Gun: Maverick is only the second film of the pandemic era to achieve such record heights. The last film to achieve more than $1 billion in earnings was Marvel’s Spiderman: No Way Home in December of 2021.

Domestically, the Top Gun sequel still boasts equally impressive stats. So far, the action film has earned $527.1 million stateside, while reaching nearly $485 million internationally.

Top Gun: Maverick also marks a first for Paramount Pictures. Before the Navy-inspired film hit theaters, the studio’s only other film to achieve more than $1 billion in earnings is the 1997 classic, Titanic.