‘Elvis’ Biopic Director Baz Luhrmann Says Tom Hanks Is the ‘Rolls Royce of Actors’

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Director Baz Luhrmann thought he hit the jackpot when he cast Tom Hanks in his upcoming Elvis biopic.

Tom Hanks is the definition of a Hollywood A-lister. The two-time Oscar winner has starred in just about every movie genre there is. And in each of them, he’s never failed to impress his audience.

So when Baz Luhrmann snagged Hanks for his Elvis biopic, he was thrilled. With a star like that, the movie is bound to draw a crowd.

In the film, Hanks plays Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis’s mysterious and difficult music manager. According to Luhrmann, Hanks absolutely mastered the role. And he promises that even though the actor has starred in over 70 movies during his career, we’re about to see a brand new side of him.

“…When it comes to Colonel Tom Parker, I really enjoy – one of my great joys in life is working with well-known actors who are very well known for certain strings on their instrument,” the director told CinemaBlend.  “But I thrill at the idea of being useful, just supportive, in allowing – every actor always has so much more to give than you ever see from them. They always have so many more strings on their instrument than they get to play.”

On top of all of that, Baz Luhrmann is simply astonished by Tom Hank’s talents. And he feels privileged to have been able enough to work with him.

“So one of the great thrills in working with Tom, who is the Rolls Royce of actors, I mean, you know, that is a ride you want to be on,” Luhrmann added. “But to be around him and let him – he’ll be playing a new string on his instrument. And I think that’s a thrilling thing to see.”

‘Elvis’ Release Date Finally set

Baz Luhrmann’s much-anticipated Elvis drop has been delayed on multiple occasions. But the studio finally set an official release date —June 24th, 2022.

Due to a few hang-ups, the filming of the biopic hasn’t gone smoothly. The biggest delay, of course, came in 2020, when star Tom Hanks tested positive with COVID.

In November, the movie hit another snag that caused Luhrmann to push the release out by another three weeks. But we can rest assured that we will finally get to watch the story of The King unravel in late June.

So what’s the movie about?

Elvis will center around the difficult relationship between the iconic singer and the manager who discovered him, Colonel Tom Parker. But instead of showcasing the singer during his prime, Luhmann will explain just how Elvis became the legendary phenomenon that still has a loyal legion of fans 45 years after his passing.