‘Elvis’ Opening Day Box Office Numbers Revealed: Here’s How It Fared Against ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

by Shelby Scott

After months of media buildup, Baz Lurhmann’s all-new Elvis biopic premiered in theaters on Friday, June 24th. Ahead of its debut, Elvis had already received mass critical acclaim. The all-new movie, starring 30-year-old actor Austin Butler as the King himself, has already performed better than expected during its debut weekend. In fact, it surpassed its expected threshold and continues to hold its own against Tom Cruise’s massively successful Top Gun sequel, Top Gun: Maverick. See the numbers below.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Elvis has shot to an impressive $30 to $32 million opening at the box office. This compares to the much more humble $25 million the film originally expected to bring in this weekend. Elvis has performed so successfully that the outlet even suggested the new movie could surpass Top Gun: Maverick as Tom Cruise’s sequel enters its fifth week in theaters.

The success of the two films is the result of one prominent demographic: Gen X. During the opening weekends for both Top Gun: Maverick and for Elvis, more than half of the viewers were aged 35 years or older.

Top Gun: Maverick opened to an audience that was 55% 35+. When Elvis opened Friday, the movie attracted a similarly sized audience of the same age range, at 65%. What differentiates Elvis from Top Gun is that of the 65%, 30% were over the age of 55. Altogether, though, the numbers highlight the nostalgic factor in both these big-ticket pictures.

Aside from Top Gun: Maverick, Elvis is also in competition with several other big-ticket pictures. These include Jurassic World: Dominion, Lightyear, and the all-new thriller The Black Phone.

Elvis Presley’s Ex Linda Thompson Claims Film Isn’t Actually a Biopic

Elvis is seeing major critical success as it navigates its first weekend in theaters. However, Elvis Presley‘s ex, Linda Thompson, claims the new film isn’t as authentic as it could have been. After seeing major praise from Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, and the King’s granddaughter Riley Keough, Thompson said the new biopic is actually missing some pretty influential individuals.

As Elvis fans flock to theaters this weekend, the King’s longtime girlfriend revealed she hasn’t yet seen the movie. She instead expressed frustration that so many important people did not feature in the film. That said, she did admit, “The trailer looks very entertaining and Austin Butler appears to do a fantastic depiction. BUT since so many people are left out who were very important in Elvis’ life – I wouldn’t call it a biopic.”

In addition to Linda Thompson, who dated Elvis Presley from 1972 until right before his death in 1977, Elvis also makes no mention of the King’s cousin, Billy Smith and his wife Jo. Presley’s cousin Billy grew up in Memphis beside the pop culture icon. In speaking about the film, he said he’s not sure he and his wife will go see the all-new biopic.

“It is a shame that so many people were left out,” Smith concurred.