2023 Grammy Awards Date Revealed

by Chris Piner

Handing out their first award in May of 1959, the Grammy Awards have celebrated the music industry for the last 63 years. Presented by the Recording Academy, the Grammy Awards focus on the achievements made within music and the talented artists behind them. Being held annually, musicians come to the award show to not only meet with other celebrities but hopefully get the chance to hold the iconic gramophone trophy. Although the 2023 Grammy Awards are still months away, it was recently announced that the show will be held at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, California on February 5th.

The announcement marks the return to Los Angeles as the omicron variant forced the award show to move locations. This year’s Grammy Awards showcased in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. It marked the first time since 1973 that the Grammy Awards presented in another location other than New York or Los Angeles. On top of announcing their return, the Grammys revealed new awards and rules. They include best video game soundtrack, best song for social change, and songwriter of the year. 

As for the new rules musicians must abide by, they included raising the minimum content for eligibility of an album from 50% to 75%. 

Grammy Awards Scheduled For February 5th

While announcing the venue, the nominations for the awards show won’t happen until November 15. To be eligible for consideration, artists must submit original content released between October 2021 through September 2022. 

Although fans have to wait for the Grammy awards, its history had some interesting moments throughout the years. No matter the place or year, the dress code at the awards always draws both support and criticism. In 2014, fans starred at singer and songwriter Pharrell Williams wearing a Vivienne Westwood head-topper. Gaining its own Twitter page for its size, the hat has over 17,000 followers. 

In 2010, singer Pink stunned the Grammy awards when she twirled in the sky, performing an acrobatic act. If that wasn’t hard enough, the singer flew in the air while singing Glitter in the Air. Staying on note and successfully touching down on the ground, Pink’s performance is one of the best to date.