WATCH: ‘Jackass Forever’s Sean McInerney Kisses Snake After Win at 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards

by Samantha Whidden

Just after being named the Best Kiss award winner at the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards, Sean “Poopies” McInerney took to the stage and kissed a snake in front of the audience. 

During his speech, the “Jackass Forever” star declared winning the MTV award is a dream come true for him. “Dude, huge thanks to MTV. This is crazy. Huge thanks to ‘Jackass’ and all the boys. Jeff Tremaine. It’s like, being a new cast member is not easy. It’s kind of weird up here alone, but now that I’m a big time movie star, me and the snake broke up. And I found a new love.”

On cue, a group came out with an anaconda and the “Jackass Forever” castmate actually kissed it. “I’m so glad that thing didn’t bite me,” he declared on stage. 

Sean Mcinerney made his first appearance on the big screen for “Jackass Forever,” which came out early this year. The film brought back “Jackass” legends, including Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee Man, and Chris Pontius. 

‘Jackass Forever’ Star Sean McInerney Reveals Where His ‘Poopies’ Nickname Came From

The “Poopies” nickname was notably inspired by the “Jackass” series. While speaking to Stab Mag, the “Jackass Forever” star recalled the story about the nickname. “I was at my friend’s house and we were watching Jackass. My friend had a gorilla mask and gloves and I shouldn’t have even said it but at the time, but I said ‘I gotta take a shit.’

McInerney then noted that his friends were ready to go out to the busiest intersection in Carlsbad and put the mask on. “I went down to the intersection, and it was empty. The boys hid in the bushes and I started to squeeze one out in the street with my board shorts around my ankles, mask, and gloves on. Then all the cars pulled up. The boys were laughing so hard in the bushes….somehow the cops got there really fast. I felt like I robbed a bank or something.”

To make matters a little worse for him, McInerney stated that his friends ended up hopping the fence and bailing on him. “All my friends told everyone at school the next day. And then, I was the kid who pooped in the street. Friends kept coming up with names, like sh-tties, poopies and poopies stuck.”

The “Jackass Forever” star then noted that he never had a girlfriend nor did anything with a girl in high school because of his nickname. “I thought man, I moved to Carlsbad, met these surfer kids and now they’re ruining my life. But I kept surfing and going to the same beach, kept putting in time to be one of the boys and that’s all that it comes down to. Just wanting to be one of the boys.”