Former NASCAR Star Danica Patrick Rocks Wild Outfits in Series of Pics From Burning Man

by Taylor Cunningham

NASCAR legend Danica Patrick was one of many celebrities who visited this year’s Burning Man festivities. And she partied the weekend away in several wild ensembles.

The event ran from Aug. 28 to Sept. 5 in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. And though she was miles away from regular society, Patrick was able to keep her fans updated on Instagram, where she posted her favorite looks.

In her first social media appearance, Danica Patrick posted a photo of herself in a bedazzled jumpsuit topped with a fur vest. She paired the outfit with black utility boots and diamond-encrusted face art.

“When the party ends at 730 am on the last day and you get to see the sunrise,” Patrick captioned.

Danica Patrick and Her Friends at Burning Man Had ‘the Time of Their’ Lives

In her most recent post, the former No. 7 showed off nine of her favorite snapshots from the event.

In the first picture, Danica Patrick donned a Mad Max look. She wore a black crop, a giant silver and gold neck collar, and checkered 80s-style sunglasses.

In another photo, the racer can be seen walking a bike through a sandstorm. To keep her eyes and lungs clear, she wore “scarfs and goggles.” And in another post, she noted that she did it all for “wine.”

Another picture shows Patrick in a black lace crop top and black hot pants. And she ended her Instagram carousel with a few shots of the famous burning effigy that symbolizes “the man.”

Burning Man takes place every Labor Day weekend and focuses on self-expression and self-reliance. It also highlights the bohemian art community. Since beginning in San Francisco in 2004, it has become of of the most iconic festivals in the world. By 2019, nearly 80,000 people headed to the desert for the week. But COVID brought the numbers down in 2021. That year, only 20,000 people attended.

Danica Patrick expressed her appreciation for the community of people who spend the week at Burning Man each year in her final post.

“I will say….. it was so cool to be in a culture where no money is exchanged and everyone gave what they could by means of food or wine or yoga or a party. People were also so friendly,” she shared. “There was no judgment. And everyone looked like they were having the time of their life! Just get ready to get dirty. Like REALLY dirty.”