Joe Namath’s Iconic Mink Coat Hits the Auction Block for a Massive Price

by Caitlin Berard

Every year, the NFL season begins in early fall and stretches well into winter. And while there’s no need for outerwear on the field, it can get chilly on the sidelines, especially late in the season. As such, it’s not uncommon to see players don coats while seated on the bench or standing near the field.

New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath was no exception. For Joe, however, a standard windbreaker wasn’t enough. He didn’t get the nickname “Broadway Joe” for no reason, after all. No, rather than a typical jacket, the quarterback could often be seen sporting a fur coat on the sidelines.

It’s partially because of Joe Namath’s fashion statements, in fact, that the NFL now requires all players, coaches, etc., to wear league-approved team apparel. But in Namath’s heyday in the 1960s and ’70s, the atmosphere of the NFL was far more akin to the wild west.

His fur coat collection became so popular that he breaks them out for special events to this day. When he appeared at Super Bowl XLVIII for the coin toss, for example, he was, of course, wearing one of his iconic coats.

One of Joe Namath’s Fur Coats Goes Up for Auction

As Peyton Manning once said, “there’s never been a cooler cat than Broadway Joe.” In addition to his wildly successful career in the NFL, Joe Namath is also a celebrated playboy who built his legacy on his captivating personality and unique fashion sense.

No one will ever compare to the legendary quarterback. You can, however, emulate his unforgettable fashion choices. And because one of Joe Namath’s luxury fur coats is currently up for auction, it’s never been easier to do so! As long as you have around $20,000 to spare, of course.

Yes, the mink coat is available through Heritage Auctions. And though the current bid sits at the low, low price of $5,250, it’s expected to sell for upwards of $20,000.

Broadway Joe owns a variety of fur coats, but the specific one up for auction is a tiger-striped mink. Given to the auction house by Namath’s attorney, James C. Walsh, the coat is personalized with Namath’s initials (JWN), which are stitched into the lining.

The coat also carries a certification of authenticity in the form of a tag from “Fur Couture Beverly Hills.” In addition to the coat, the highest bidder will receive a white panel Wilson Football signed by Joe Namath himself and a 1969 issue of Esquire magazine.

The magazine features a cartoon Joe Namath posing as King Kong in his fur coat while planes fly around him. It’s also autographed by Broadway Joe. Those hoping to become the exotic coat’s newest owner have until August 27 to place their bids.