Super Bowl 2023 Halftime Show Moving on From Major Deal After 10 Years

by Tia Bailey

The Super Bowl Halftime Show is iconic — some people even tune in just for the halftime show and the commercials. However, a big change is happening for the 2023 halftime show.

This past May, Pepsi released a statement that they will no longer sponsor the Super Bowl Halftime Show. The brand’s Twitter wrote: “

After 10 years of iconic Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show performances, we have decided it’s time to pass the mic. Thank you to the amazing artists and fans who helped us create some incredible moments along the way.  Now on to the next stage… ”

In the replies, they added: “

26 musical acts representing 168 Grammys and almost 1,000 Billboard hits have rocked the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show stage over the past 10 years.  Got a favorite #PepsiHalftime memory?  Drop it here”.

Although the soda brand will no longer be sponsoring the Super Bowl Halftime Show, they are not leaving the NFL totally. According to Deadline, “It is now shifting its budget to other NFL properties like the NFL Draft and various player awards. The company is also increasing its focus on streaming and digital platform advertising as broadcast continues to decline.”

Pepsi Pulls Out of Super Bowl Halftime Show Starting in 2023

Acts that had performed in the Pepsi Halftime Show include Beyoncé, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Shakira and JLo, Snoop Dogg, and more. Pepsi’s tweets were flooded with memories of fans’ favorite Halftime Shows. One fan said: “I believe when #Prince sang #PurpleRain in the rain! He was amazing and that moment was AMAZING!!!! #PepsiHalftimeMemory”. Another responded: “Katy Perry Halftime show, iconic stage, iconic moments, iconic show”.

Pepsi’s contract began in 2012 and was supposed to last 10 years, so it makes sense that the brand departs now.

Although many have enjoyed Pepsi’s Halftime Shows, the last 10 years have had their fair share of scandals. The first notable one being the Justin Timberlake/Janet Jackson performance, in which Timberlake ripped off Jackson’s top, exposing her and getting her banned from several performances.

Another memorable show was Katy Perry’s performance, in which “Left Shark,” a dancer on her stage dressed in a shark costume, went viral.

The most recent show, 2022’s Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blidge, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem, was an iconic performance as well. Anyone alive during the 90s-early 2000s was tuning in and dancing along, thriving from the throwback music. The Weeknd’s performance was highly regarded as one of the best latest ones as well.

Another dynamic duo was Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s show, although JLo later said that it was a mess because neither of them had a full time slot.

Fans will miss the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Shows, but hopefully a new sponsor delivers just as much. As of right now, a new sponsor has not been announced.