WATCH: Dwayne Johnson Channels Football Days at ‘Sweltering’ XFL Showcase in Mississippi

by Joe Rutland

Most fans of Dwayne Johnson know that before his success in the world of movies, he played some football in his life. Johnson played college football at the University of Miami and a little bit in the Canadian Football League. Yet injuries would send him away from his football dreams. Still, Johnson lives them vicariously through being the owner of the XFL. In this clip from his Instagram account, Johnson is out at an XFL showcase in Mississippi. Let’s see what he’s up to on this day.

Many of the millions and millions of The Rock’s fans were commenting after seeing this video. Among the responses were both heart and smiling face emojis. Now, people love to see Johnson in movies with Kevin Hart. They seem to have a camaraderie and connection that’s quite entertaining. Right now, they are doing some press for another film.

Schedule Issues Keep Dwayne Johnson From Hosting 2022 Emmy Awards

Would you like to see Dwayne Johnson host an awards show? It’s a great gig for the most part. You get to introduce different segments and tell a couple of jokes. Johnson could handle that with ease, we think. But he recently turned down a chance to host the 2022 Emmy Awards.

“It was just schedule,” Johnson said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I was really, truly honored when they came to me and asked, but it was just a scheduling thing. That’s all. That’s really what it comes down to.” It’s too bad, too, because television also has played a major role in his own success. Maybe not in the sense of seeing him in sitcoms or TV movies. But you can look at his pro wrestling career in the WWE and see multiple TV appearances as The Rock.

With Shark Week starting up pretty soon, the amount of programming focused on the animal always is big. Getting Johnson on board for the entire week? Man, that’s really big. He even announced on his social media platforms that he was going to be the “Master of Ceremonies” for the entire week on the Discovery Channel. Besides Johnson, cast members from Jackass and comedian Tracy Morgan will have their own shows, too.

For those of you not familiar with the XFL, it was an original concept from WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. A previous incarnation did field players like Jim Kelly and Herschel Walker on teams. Johnson, though, purchased the XFL from McMahon. The league just wrapped up its first season under his ownership. Games were shown on NBC and Fox throughout the season. Don’t count Dwayne Johnson out as the XFL is coming back next season and he’s going to watch the league grow.