‘Expendables’ Star Dolph Lundgren Opens Up About How Series Keeps Sequels Feeling Fresh

by Liz Holland

As Expendables 4 remains in post-production, the buzz surrounding the long-awaited film is undeniable. Dolph Lundgren, the star of the film, sat down with Looper recently and shared his thoughts surrounding the project. For context, the Expendables series released its first film in 2010. Therefore, each time a new Expendables film is released, it inevitably hits a new, younger audience. It’s important to note this audience may not have seen the previous films of the series.

According to Lundgren, this helps them push for something new and exciting about each film. The team behind it all continues to find ways to keep the series fresh and captivate new audiences. Lundgren says of the series’s latest installment, “In this one, new guys, new people involved like Megan Fox. So there’s kind of new blood, but the same basic concept.”

On the note of feeling fresh, Lundgren had a charming response when asked if he feels his role in the Expendables franchise connects his legacy as an action actor to a fresh new generation of viewers. “It’s a funny thing,” says Lundgren.

Lundgren continues, “I do an ‘Expendables,’ which is obviously a totally new audience because the kids, they don’t know who the hell I am. They’ve seen me in ‘Aquaman,’ but I’m just a guy with a beard. So you know, with ‘Expendables,’ kids get to experience that kind of macho action from back when I started. When you carried these guns and the more ammo you had, the better. It was a bit of overkill. Biceps, big knives. I think a lot of kids probably, that’s why the first one did well, because kids haven’t seen that before. And they’re like, ‘Oh, this is good. That guy just got hit by a tank.’”

Lundgren’s Motivator for The Expendables

Lundgren also shared that one of the biggest reasons he was drawn to the Expendables series was because of the man behind it all, director Sylvester Stallone. Lundgren says of his initial involvement with the project, “You know, it was being directed by Sly, and he’s a very, very smart man,” Lundgren told Looper. “He created ‘Rocky’ and ‘The Expendables,’ and I think the timing was good because he had old school fights, shootouts, and more of our visual effects. Kind of older guys who’re washed up, that nobody wants, and they do these missions for the government, and if they get killed, nobody cares. I thought it was a good idea.”

By the looks of Lundgren’s IMDB page, there are no signs of him slowing down anytime soon. With five films currently in post-production, amongst other unreleased projects, Lundgren will undoubtedly continue to make an impact on the newest generation of movie-watchers. Lundgren’s most recent film that has been released to the public is Castle Falls.