Faith Hill Remembers Falling in Love With Tim McGraw on a Tour Together

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Country Music Hall Of Fame &; Museum)

The country music world is home to several power couples. Of course, there’s Johnny and June. Then you have the iconic pairing of Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. However, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw might be country music’s cutest couple. They fell in love on tour. Then, they toured the world together. More importantly, they share a deep and loving bond as well as three daughters.

More recently, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw embarked on a whole new journey together. They joined the cast of the upcoming Yellowstone prequel series 1883, The power couple sat down with Parade Magazine to talk about working on the new show as well as their lives together. At one point, Faith recalled the beginning of the engagement that led to their long and happy life together.

Faith Hill Remembers Saying ‘Yes’

 First, let’s set the scene. The year was 1996. Both Faith Hill and Tim McGraw were watching their dreams of country music stardom come true. As a result, they were on tour together. While traveling the country and rocking stages, they noticed a subtle spark between them. Soon, that spark caught fire and the couple quietly fanned the flames. Tim had asked Faith for her hand in marriage a few times and she’d said no. Then, they played Country Jam Colorado together. Before McGraw took the stage he popped the question a final time, but Faith left him hanging. He played his whole set not knowing if Hill would finally say yes.

When Tim came back to his trailer after his set, he had an answer. Faith Hill had written a message on his mirror. “Yes, I am going to be your wife,” it read. Tim and Faith Still have that mirror 25 years later.

Faith Hill told Parade that before they wed, they had to have a long talk about what they wanted out of life. A couple of years before Tim popped the question for the final time, she divorced Dan Hill. Her ex-husband was a music producer in Nashville and Faith was worried about getting with someone else in the industry.

“We discussed the odds of two people in the same industry doing the same exact thing for a living,” she said. Faith Hill went on to say that the main issue was that she and Tim both wanted to have a big family as well as their careers and they didn’t want to put either on hold. “Even with our exploding careers, [starting a family] was our number one priority. And we established how we could make it work.”

And make it work, they did. They’ve been happily married for twenty-five years, have three daughters together, and work together wonderfully. Today, they’re an inspiration to any couple who is trying to balance their goals and their desire to raise a family.