Fan-Favorite ‘American Idol’ Alum Lands Country Music Record Deal

by Brianna Vacca

Even if you don’t win American Idol, there’s still hope for you. Alex Miller may not have been crowned as the next American Idol; however, he still celebrates some big wins.

17-year-old Alex Miller is a traditional honky-tonk country music artist. During Season 19 of American Idol, Miller wooed judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie singing unconventional country songs by Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, and Merle Haggard – but that didn’t always impress the judges. The traditional country songs only held their attention for so long. He performed his humorous single “I’m So Over You So Get Over Me” which set the Kentucky native spiraling into Hollywood. The Kentucky native began receiving backlash for sticking too traditional as the season went on. Luke Bryan told him after his duet performance, “I wanna see what Alex Miller morphs into. So throw us a curveball. Pick a pop song.”

American Idol eliminated Miller after singing Merle Haggard’s “Silver Wings” instead of individualizing his own stylistics and personality. Bryan appeared rather unhappy as his advice went unnoticed. And his talent is still unremarkable.

But, Idol gave Alex Miller the exposure that he deserves. His country crooning impresses the masses to this day as the infamous Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, hosted the singer. So have numerous state fairs and opening slots for Josh Turner, Lee Brice, Hank Jr, and more.

The young country singer’s most recent change is signing with Nashville-based record label Billy Jam Records! The singer’s audition song “I’m So Over You So Get Over Me” is out as well as new single “Don’t Let the Barn Door Hit Ya.”

Other American Idol Hopefuls

Numerous people have not gone on to win American Idol but have received success. American Idol sent home global star Jennifer Hudson during Season 3 in the Top 7. Hard to believe, right? She now hosts Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, BET Awards, and Screen Actors for Guild Awards. She also has Golden Globe Awards, and so many more. She’s the only American Idol alumna to know what it’s like to go Oscar gold, even though she’s received Gold on her albums as well.

American Idol voted off Kellie Picker during Season 5 of the competition. She released albums “Small Town Girl,” “100 Girl,” “The Woman I Am,” and self-titled “Kellie Pickler,” and is currently signed with Black River Entertainment. Taylor Swift co-wrote Pickler’s single “Best Days of Your Life” and Pickler co-hosted daytime TV show “Pickler & Ben” with comedian Ben Aaron. Pickler is ranked as the 14th best American Idol alumna.

Chris Daughtry is another who went on to sell 7.35 million albums after parting ways with the show on Season 5.