‘Fast and Furious’ Star Vin Diesel Shows Major Love to Paul Walker’s Brother at FuelFest

by Madison Miller

Vin Diesel showed all his love to Cody Walker, the brother of the late “Fast and Furious” star Paul Walker, while the two were at FuelFest together.

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker were incredibly close. The two were co-stars, but off the screen, more like brothers. To put into perspective the kind of relationship they had, Diesel recently walked Walker’s daughter down the aisle as she got married. He is Meadow Walker’s godfather as well.

Cody Walker and Vin Diesel at FuelFest

Paul Walker had four younger siblings. One of which is Cody, who is currently 33, and has done some acting himself. He also has a massive resemblance to his older brother — including the striking blue eyes.

Vin Diesel met up with Walker and the two filmed a video together. “I’m here with my brother in FuelFest and it is such an honor to see the whole car culture be brought together by my brother, Cody [Walker]. I’m so proud of him and I know my brother Pablo’s even more proud of him. All love, always,” Vin Diesel said.

Cody also referred to Vin Diesel as family during the short clip together, which is fitting considering just how much Diesel loves the word “family.”

FuelFest is the creation of Cody Walker. The annual festival is “where passion meets art through cars and music.” This year it was held in Phoenix, Arizona, and featured an appearance from Tyrese Gibson.

All in all, the event is also a special way to honor Paul Walker’s legacy.

“My oldest brother was and is my greatest inspiration. And like so many other aspects of my life, he heavily influenced my love of cars … I’ve been grateful to witness the tremendous support of the car community of which Paul was so involved. Over the past five years, I’ve hosted car shows all over the world to benefit Reach Out WorldWide (ROWW),” Walker wrote on the official FuelFest website.

Reach Out WorldWide is a charity foundation that helps bring first responders to disaster areas in order to assist.

Vin Diesel Message to Paul Walker

Recently, friends and family of Paul Walker reflected on the eight-year anniversary of the actor’s sudden death.

Vin Diesel posted a photo of his daughter Hania at Meadow’s wedding. She was the maid of honor. He then shared a story about the time Walker gave him advice right before Hania was about to be born.

“Tragedies in life are always followed by life’s blessings if you just stay open and have faith. Look at this photo Pablo, it will make you smile. The same angel that you helped me prepare for in the most beautiful way with your brotherly advice is the same angel that precious Meadow asked to be her maid of honor,” he wrote.

Cody Walker also commented, “I love that story each time.”