‘FBI’ Beats Out ‘The Voice’ in October 13 Ratings, ‘International’ and ‘Most Wanted’ Stay Strong

by Suzanne Halliburton

FBI used a case about a serial killer to leap to the top of Tuesday’s rating. That means it beat The Voice, NBC’s powerhouse singing competition.

FBI drew an audience of 6.44 million, besting The Voice’s 6.3 million. However, The Voice did edge FBI in the key demo for advertisers. Those aged 18 to 49 preferred the reality show over the crime procedural.

But it was a very good night to be CBS and its FBI shows, all created by TV genius Dick Wolf. FBI: International continues its run as one of the highest-rated new shows. It drew an audience of 5.42, bettering fellow newbie La Brea, the NBC show at 4.98 million. And FBI: Most Wanted ended the evening with a riveting storyline exploring a kidnapping and whether China was using American “God Technology” research to build “super soldiers.” Most Wanted came in at 5.32 million.

Dick Wolf is dominating television. CBS devotes three hours to his FBI shows on Tuesdays. On Wednesday, NBC features three hours of his Chicago shows — Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. And on Thursday, he’s got his first love — the Law & Order shows, SVU and Organized Crime. Plus, NBC is reviving the OG, Law & Order.

FBI focused on a serial killer during Tuesday’s show, which was directed by Timothy Busfield, the former Thirty Something star who is married to Melissa Gilbert. Before the show started, Busfield tweeted:

“Tonight’s FBI on CBS is a really strong hour of TV. I had a great script, fantastic cast, and a brilliant stunt coordinator. Every department hit it out of the park. It was pure joy directing. Please watch!”

FBI Case of the Night Focused on Serial Killer Murdering Young Gay Runaways

The FBI episode, which was called Know Thyself, was about a serial killer who was murdering young Black men. They also happened to be gay and homeless. Most of them were runaways. As the show opened, a young guy jumps in a blue van with a stranger. He thinks the two are going to hook up. Instead, the van driver takes out a knife and cuts his throat.

In the next scene, we see where the serial killer is burying the bodies. It’s in a state park outside the city. There are five bodies. All were killed in the last two weeks.

The most emotional narrative concerned Tiffany and her partner, Stuart. The Know Thyself reference is about Tiffany’s cousin. He’s a Baptist pastor who ran an outreach program for the homeless kids who gather outside a night club. Stuart suspects Tiffany’s cousin was the killer. The pastor took photographs and made extensive notes on a lot of the homeless men. It turns out that Tiff’s cousin was gay and didn’t want to tell the church or his family. The FBI, however, had to arrest him because he lied to them about the case.

The killer was actually the night club bouncer, who the agents spoke with early in the episode. But Tiff had the break the news to her cousin about his felony arrest.