‘FBI’: Did You Realize This Actor Starred Alongside David Boreanaz Before Show?

by Taylor Cunningham
Photo by FOX Image Collection via Getty Images)

Did you know that FBI’s John Boyd once worked alongside Outsider’s favorite Bravo 1 leader, David Boreanaz?

That’s right. FBI’s Special Agent Stuart Scola was once Special Agent James Aubrey on Bones.

From 2014 to 2017, Boyd was a junior FBI agent partnered with Seeley Booth—who was played by the one and only David Boreanaz.

During Boyd’s run on the Emmy nominated crime drama, his character began working on high caliber, and often odd, crimes with the Jeffersonian’s investigation team. And he moved his way up to being a full-time member of the FBI’s Jeffersonian liaison group. Eventually, James Aubrey became Supervisory Special Agent before the show ended.

John Boyd appeared in 56 of the show’s 246 episodes. And apparently, Bones was preparing the actor for his current role on FBI. Because once again, Boyd is portraying a special agent. Except for this time, he’s playing a more regular role.

And you can catch John Boyd on CBS’s FBI every Tuesday at 8/7C.

One ‘FBI’ Star Says Mariska Hargitay is Her On-Screen Inspiration

When Missy Peregrym was offered the role of Agent Maggie Bell on FBI, she was fresh off of her run on Rookie Blue. And she wasn’t interested in doing another procedural drama.

As the actress told Variety in 2018, she thought playing a police officer was physically and mentally exhausting.

“I had to have a break after that show and just literally purge and heal my body from going through all of those intense emotions,” she shared. “I said I’d never do a procedural again, but I’m doing the most intense procedural — a Dick Wolf procedural.”

And that’s thanks to Law & Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay.

Peregrym thought FBI was similar to SVU, which meant it could have a lot of impact on audiences. And Peregrym was inspired by Hargitay’s Olivia Benson on the show. So she welcomed the opportunity to play a strong and compassionate woman in her own series.

“I had put myself out there for other things. But there wasn’t anything I was as excited about,” Peregrym admitted during the interview. “The reason why I was excited about this was it’s no different than Law & Order: SVU in that the impact that show has had outside of the show is remarkable.”

So Missy Peregrym decided to join the cast of FBI with the hope of making Agent Bell as iconic as Agent Benson.

“I’m really impressed with what Mariska has made of [Benson],” she added. “If we can do something that really impacts people for the greater good with the show and outside of that, there’s nothing else I would rather be a part of.”