‘FBI’: How Divorce and a Big Move Led to Jeremy Sisto’s Acting Career

by Matthew Memrick

When “FBI” star Jeremy Sisto’s mom divorced in 1978 and moved to Chicago, the boy soon learned acting was his life’s path.

Sisto told Long Island Weekly in 2020 that his mother, Reedy Gibbs, went to the Windy City to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. She took daughter Meadow and Jeremy along for the ride sometimes.

“My mom was a single mother, and she was a commercial actress, so she would drive around from agent to agent and would bring them cookies,” Sisto said. 

The actor said agents asked mom if her two kids would like to audition, and soon Jeremy Sisto got into a Tennessee Williams play at the famous Goodman Theatre. His role only came with a couple of lines, but it was a fun experience.

Soon after, Sisto got parts in more plays and commercials. The jobs offset a rough school experience. Then, Sisto got a movie role at 16. In the 1991 star-studded film “Grand Canyon” with Steve Martin, Kevin Kline, and Danny Glover, he played Roberto. The film made $40 million at the box office.

For Sisto’s family, the far-fetched dream of acting came “true.” The actor said it wasn’t like he worked toward becoming a doctor, and then acting happened. This role helped him realize that acting was his natural course in life.

Jeremy Sisto looks back and calls his early success “fortunate and lucky.” Since then, he’s broken up with it and fallen back in love with the profession, calling it “weird.” 

The 47-year-old Sisto has worked in TV and movies for 30 years. He also notably starred in rock group Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Going To Take It” video.

Sisto has played Assistant Special in Charge Jubal Valentine on the show since its inception in 2018. Valentine is an easy-going leader who can engage with his bosses and underlings. He’s also a good motivator.

‘FBI’ Actor Starred In Original “Law & Order”

Jeremy Sisto played Detective Cyrus Lupo on Dick Wolf’s long-running “Law & Order” in 2007. He replaced the show’s first and only female detective, played by Milena Govich.

The actor had fond memories working with Anthony Anderson, Linus Roache, Jesse L. Martin, and Alana de la Garza. Sisto said Anderson brought “fresh and fun energy” when Martin was ready for the next acting adventure. He also liked de la Garza, who is now on his current “FBI” show.

Sisto likes de la Garza’s “great energy” and her desire not to take the show “too seriously.”

On Wednesday, One Chicago Center revealed that the long-running “Law & Order” show would return for another season. Deadline reported that Anthony Anderson is the first cast member to return to the show. Sam Waterson is also in talks to return as longtime DA Jack McCoy. There’s no word if Jeremy Sisto will rejoin the show.