‘FBI’ Fans Debate Who Makes the Best Duo

by Joe Rutland

FBI is one of CBS’ prized franchise shows. There are a number of duos on it, and the show asked which one is the top fan favorite.

This all started, Outsiders, with a tweet from the show’s Twitter account.

Let’s take a look and see which ones were put up for a vote.

And now, we turn to some fan responses.

Fan MommaB32940 writes, “I really love them all but OA just has a true heart lol”. She’s talking about Zeeto Zaki, who plays Omar Zidan.

Then RPopBox says, “Maggie & OA. They are the GOATS of the #FBIs! Missing a new #FBICBS tonight.” We’ve covered OA, but the Maggie he’s talking about is Maggie Bell, played by Missy Peregrym, on FBI.

Another fan, jnlhawks, writes, “Ahhhh…this is so hard! Probably OA….or Maggie…or Scola. I can’t decide.” Scola is Stuart Scola, played by John Boyd. FBI viewer ronmazz writes, “Maggie and OA!!!”

One more duo gets mentioned by AshleyB46824012, who writes, “Scola and Tiffany!” Again, we’ve covered Scola but Tiffany refers to Tiffany Wallace, played by Katherine Renee Turner.

Outsiders, you, too, can choose which tandem piques your interest.

Tune in for FBI on Wednesday nights on CBS. It’s all part of an FBI franchise night, along with Most Wanted and International.

‘FBI’ Actor John Boyd Is Definitely No Stranger To TV Viewers as He’s Been Busy

He’s one of those actors that makes people say to themselves, “I’ve seen him somewhere but I just can’t remember.”

We know the struggle, Outsiders. Yet FBI star John Boyd, who plays Scola, definitely has been on different shows.

Boyd, back in 2005, got his first major role as Jack in The Notorious Bettie Page. Film and television work kept flowing into his life.

He had a stint on 24 as Arlo Glass in the Kiefer Sutherland action drama. Boyd started playing James Aubrey on Bones in 2014 for three seasons. That character was, yet, another FBI agent.

“I guess my only real training ground was doing Arlo on Season 8 of 24,” Boyd said in an interview with Assignment X. “I was a CTU tech, which was definitely different, but sort of a young spirit in that way, but I hadn’t done FBI.”

From his other work, the FBI actor has had chances to be with already established casts and characters.

Boyd said being a part of those shows was fun because he got to make different discoveries.

“Like seeing a disgusting dead body for the first time and having it make me half-sick,” he said. “And those sorts of things that maybe we take for granted after we’ve seen them a million times. It was fun to be new and play the new guy.”