‘FBI’: Full Recap of Season 4 Midseason Finale, ‘Unfinished Business’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo: David M. Russell/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved)

CBS drama FBI closed up with a midseason finale on Tuesday night that places some team members in the crosshairs of a gunman.

This Season 4, Episode 9 was titled Unfinished Business, and TV Insider helps give us a little background.

So, drug lord Antonio Vargas, played by David Zayas, is behind bars. He can still be dangerous, though. As a result, one agent is willing to maybe cross the line to keep people safe.

Who is behind this threat? Rina Trenholm, played by Kathleen Munroe, is shot. This happens as she and Jubal Valentine, played by Jeremy Sisto, are leaving her brownstone. Witnesses heard the shot but no one saw who fired a gun.

Rina gets rushed to surgery. Isobel Castille, played by Alana de la Garza, offers to get Jubal to the hospital. He says no and starts working the case. We will have someone else take a bullet soon on FBI.

‘FBI’ Gets First Lead After Rina Is Shot But Turns Out Guy Is Not Shooter

They look at footage of a man named Frank Castlewood, played by Khalil Kain. He followed Rina leading up to er shooting. So Frank got out of prison recently but has no ties to ADIC. He shoots at Maggie Bell, played by Missy Peregrym, and Omar Adom “OA” Zidan, played by Zeeko Zaki, when they chase him down. He eventually surrenders.

It turns out his gun doesn’t match the one used to shoot Rina. Someone paid him to follow Rina. Jubal was going to get him to talk.

Maggie and OA have to talk to ATF Agent Sanchez, played by Adrian Alvarado, to get the full picture on ex-Marine Logan Winters (since the file is sealed). Only after OA claims to know his boss (he doesn’t) does Sanchez tell them about Winters’ associate, McCain, played by Nat Cassidy, who has a gun store he frequents.

Maggie gets shot. Fortunately, on FBI, Maggie’s OK — her vest did its job — and she insists on continuing to work.

Facial Recognition Technology Plays Role In Having Device Lead To Shooting

While Ian Lim, played by James Chen, can’t examine the box OA shot down, Stuart Scola, played by John Boyd, remembers seeing one just like it near Rina’s. Photos were uploaded to the camera inside, and when facial recognition gets a hit, it triggers the device.

After a brief visit to the hospital (Rina’s still in surgery), Jubal returns to the office, insisting he needs to be there. What he can do is get them a warrant for McCain’s shop, even if the ATF wants them to stay away.

Well, Vargas wants to see everyone on the FBI team dead.