‘FBI’: Here’s Who Came Up with the Idea for Jubal Valentine’s Iconic Pencil

by Joe Rutland

If you watch the CBS drama “FBI” regularly, then you will know Jubal Valentine has a pencil with him. Who came up with the bit?

We’ll find that out, Outsiders.

According to an interview with Starry Magazine, actor Jeremy Sisto, who plays Valentine, expands on the pencil saga.

“No, it’s fun,” Sisto said when asked about fans picking up on the pencil thanks to social media. “It’s something I chose to do and thought it was kind of cute or whatever, just like this little thing.

“I kind of forgot that in the world of [‘FBI’ franchise creator] Dick Wolf and those kinds of procedurals the little bits…It wasn’t manufactured like, ‘I’m going to grab this pencil. It’s going to be this cool thing they have,'” Sisto said

‘FBI’ Actor Thought No One Would Notice His Pencil As Part Of The Show

He said that he did not think anyone would notice his pencil.

“It was just something for me, as an actor, to have to conduct my stuff and make it feel active,” Sisto said. “I forgot, not being on a Dick Wolf show or a procedural for a while, how they really grab on to things like that. It becomes part of the legend of the show – part of the world.”

See if you can catch Sisto and his trusty pencil when “FBI” is back on CBS. The next episode airs on Tuesday at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central. Sisto also appeared on HBO’s “Six Feet Under” as Billy Chenowith and Detective Cyrus Lupo on NBC’s “Law & Order.”

Lead Actress Talks About How CBS Drama Handles Politics, Other Heavy Subjects

There are shows which handle some heavy subjects. Even in a rather divisive nation when it comes to politics, a show like “FBI” has to watch how things are addressed.

How does this drama handle these subjects? “FBI” star Missy Peregrym, who plays Officer Maggie Bell, offers some insight.

She said, in an interview with Pop Culture Principle, that “it’s really tricky because politics is one of the things that causes the most unrest.

“I think that we’ve dealt with some things, but we try not to take a stance on how we feel about it,” Peregrym said. “Especially personally in the show.”

Peregrym adds that for her, it’s key that the series take an even keel about political news stories.

“It’s very important to me that we don’t glamorize this stuff,” she said.

What is one way to bring these issues to the forefront without doing that very thing?

“I think the way around that is to humanize the characters that we have as much as we can,” Peregrym said. 

You can tune in and see how “FBI” is doing this season.