‘FBI’ Hints One Agent May Go Too Far in Upcoming Episode

by Joe Rutland

What will happen if one of the agents on FBI happens to go too far? He or she could be out of the intelligence agency quickly.

This next episode will explore some of this as was revealed in a trailer for it.

Let’s take a look and see what’s going down with FBI on Tuesday night. This episode is titled Fire and Rain. We don’t think there is any connection between the title and James Taylor’s classic song.

Anyway, here’s the trailer.

So, you better make plans to tune in for this next episode.

FBI stars Missy Peregrym, Zeeko Zaki, Jeremy Sisto, Alana de la Garza, John Boyd, and Katherine Renee Turner.

This is the anchor to show creator Dick Wolf’s FBI franchise.

‘FBI’ Star Peregrym Said ‘Nobody Wants’ Show to be Horror on Screens

Outsiders, these cast members on FBI know how to make a show work. That’s especially true if Dick Wolf is involved.

So, Missy Peregrym may understand that finding real-life plots in the present day is how he writes his shows.

But the FBI actress does give Wolf credit for turning heartbreaking plotlines into a good side. His shows have a pattern of highlighting law enforcement heroes who work hard to protect people.

“Everybody knows the bad stuff already,” Peregrym said in a recent Variety interview.

She also said everybody “sees the headlines and understands the fear and relates to this may be happening to them or a loved one.”

But Peregrym continues. “Nobody wants to have a show that’s just a horror show the whole episode and we’re like, ‘Have a great sleep!'”

The actress is getting her reps while playing this role. “I said I’d never do a procedural again,” she says. “But I’m doing the most intense procedural — a Dick Wolf procedural.”

Then Peregrym explains that it wasn’t long before she realized something. A Wolf procedural drama will look into the dark side of society. But often a good side of a sad story gets revealed in the storyline.

While some dark side stuff gets uncovered, there’s often time to show “the good side” of sad plots.

“We’re dealing in things that cause major fear,” Peregrym said.

Actress Had To Take Time Away From TV News After Previous Show

The FBI actress had said she would not do another procedural show after her experience on Rookie Blue.

In the same Variety interview, she vowed to never do a procedural again before joining a show.

“I had to have a break after that show and just literally purge and heal my body from going through all of those intense emotions,” Peregrym said.

She admits to Variety that she stopped watching the news for nearly two years.