‘FBI: International’ Boss Speaks on How Forrester and Kellett’s Relationship Will Change

by Taylor Cunningham

Jamie Kellett and Scott Forrester’s secret romance on FBI: International isn’t much of a secret anymore. And showrunner Derek Haas says that their relationship is about to get a lot more complicated.

Derek Haas recently sat down with TV Insider to talk about FBI: International‘s Kellet-Forrester relationship. The romance is interesting because the agents were a couple before their characters appeared on the premiere, which was a bit of a change-up from most plot lines.

Hass shared that the duo skipped the typical will-they-wont-they conundrum because it was more true to the FBI lifestyle. According to the showrunner, many FBI agents marry other agents. So he figured the two wouldn’t have been hesitant to date in real life. And instead of creating drama around a budding relationship, he wanted to showcase the dynamics between two people who were already involved.

“To us, it was, well, the only people that can really understand what you do on the job are the people that are on the job, and so that makes really powerful relationships. And just to be different, we thought, what if they got together right before our series started and what complications would that bring about? That’s what we’ve been exploring,” he said.

Showrunner Derek Hass Teases About What’s in Store for Forrester and Kellett on ‘FBI: International’

People who have been following FBI: International know that Kellet and Foresters’ behind-the-scenes relationship was working well for them at first. But everything changed when Kellet was shot on the job. When Kellet was in the hospital, her boyfriend wouldn’t leave her side. And his show of concern tipped off their teammates. On top of that, Forrester is feeling protective of Kellet now that she’s back to work, which is going to irritate Kellet.

“She’s along for the ride this time. And Forrester is still nervous about her being in harm’s way,” Showrunner Derek Hass shared. “So he’s trying to sideline her, which you just can’t do. It’s kind of like [with] an athlete, if you play cautiously, that’s the way you get injured. You can’t have her back, but not fully back. That’s where they come to a head.”

But Kellet is dating her boss. So whether she likes it or not, he’s in control of her career. And that dynamic may really throw a wrench in the relationship. Hass said the struggles the two are facing will be a major part of the FBI: International storyline and everything is going to come to a head during the winter finale.

“We’ve arced [the relationship] out through 13 episodes so far, and the Forrester-Kellett relationship and all those dynamics are not going to go unnoticed.”