‘FBI: International’ Creator Teases Kellet Might Wind Up in Big Trouble

by Samantha Whidden

Look out, FBI: International fans. Derek Haas the showrunner of the new series, is teasing Heida Reed’s Jamie Kellet may end up in big trouble later in the show’s first season.

While chatting with TV Insider, Haas reveals whether or not the FBI: International character will regret not taking a job in New York and what could happen to her. “The New York thing is not finished playing out,” Haas reassured. “There’s going to be a case with Kellett where she makes choices that could flash onto Washington’s radar as far as disciplinary action goes.”

Haas also said that all the circumstances are going to play as he and the FBI: International crew build towards a midseason finale. He then opens up about Kellett’s backstory.

“You’re going to hear some backstory on Kellett that’s going to be surprising,” he stated.

The showrunner then noted that eventually he and his team will have some plans of Raines having a wild child sibling. 

‘FBI: International’ Showrunner Talks Forrester and Kellett Relationship 

While continuing to chat with TV Insider, FBI: International showrunner Derek Haas goes on to discuss the dynamic between Forrester and Kellett.

“They’re just going to be friends [and] colleagues. But also competitors,” Haas stated. The creator also said that the duo is obviously going to have a bond forged through “fire” for the two of them on this kind of “remote island” to the FBI by themselves.

“But at the same time, they both have plans to get farther and farther into the hierarchy of the FBI,” the FBI: International showrunner explained. “So it’s the friendly competition going on between them.”

The FBI: International creator does declare that in a romantic aspect, he and his crew are not going there when it comes to Forrester and Kellett. Despite not being romantic, Haas said that Forrester is still nervous about Kellett being in harm’s way.

“So he’s trying to sideline her. Which you just can’t do. It’s kind of like [with] an athlete, if you play cautiously, that’s the way you get injured.”

FBI: International premiered on September 21, 2021. It is the second spin-off and third iteration of the FBI franchise. The show follows the elite team in the FBI’s International Fly Team, which is headquartered in Budapest. Starring alongside Reed in the series is Luke Kleintank, Carter Redwood, Vinessa Vidotto, and Christiane Paul. Due to the early success of the series, CBS ordered it to have a full-season order.

Derek Haas is known for his work on Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago P.D. He also did the screenplay for various films. This includes Wanted, 3:10 Ito Yuma, 2 Fast 2 Furious, and Catch That Kid.