‘FBI: International’: Everything We Know So Far About Forrester’s Mom

by Joe Rutland

With Scott Forrester’s mother now missing these days, FBI: International fans would like some more information about her.

Outsiders, let’s see what we can dig up.

An article from Distractify helps us fill in some spaces.

Luke Kleintank plays FBI agent Forrester, who leads the Fly Team on the CBS drama.

Angela Cassidy, his mother, went missing in 2005. In the show’s episode titled “The Soul of Chess,” Cassidy is actually considered a traitor to the United States.

Well, that’s going to cause some feathers to get ruffled on FBI: International.

‘FBI: International’ Character’s Past Gets Scrutiny From Showrunner

Showrunner Derek Haas talked about Forrester’s past in an interview with TV Insider

Haas said that Forrester “is going to get a little obsessive when a clue to his mom’s whereabouts presents itself. The mom issue takes up some space coming up.”

Oh boy. Get ready.

In the show’s second episode, Cassidy was introduced when the team investigated a boy’s abduction in Budapest. This triggered Forrester. He had a bit of a complicated parental relationship with Mom and Dad.

“Well, if you ask me how I know a desperate parent will say anything when their world is crumbling, trust me, I know personally,” Forrester said in that episode.

Forrester’s Mother Ends Up Disappearing After Selling Info To Russians

So, Angela worked for the U.S. government next to Dad until she sold information to the Russians in 2004. She disappeared in 2005.

Forrester didn’t share this. But Kellett, played by Heida Reed, tells the newest Fly Team member, Cameron Vo, played by Vinessa Vidotto. Why? So Vo can understand why Forrester has such a deep, personal interest in the kidnapping case.

So, what is going to happen in the FBI: International future? How about a plot twist.

Haas said in the interview, “There are good twists and turns throughout.”

Outsiders, keep an eye on FBI: International when it airs at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central, on CBS.

Don’t Expect Too Many Other Crossover Episodes For FBI Shows This Season

Derek Haas tells TV Insider in his interview that fans can stand down about crossovers.

There will not be any more this year on FBI: International.

Haas said he couldn’t imagine them doing another one this year.

“It was so much more work than when we do the Chicago ones,” he said, referring to the One Chicago franchise on NBC. “Just even having the bad guy go all the way through the three episodes, get him to Hungary. You’ve got jet lag issues. You’ve got working hours issues. It was way harder than even the hardest Chicago crossover that we’ve done.”

Fans can see how FBI has become a worldwide experience, not just in one city.