‘FBI: International’ Has Its Own Personal Orchestra in Behind the Scenes Clip

by Anna Dunn

FBI: International has its own personal orchestra in a clip posted from behind the scenes. The clip, posted by Wolf Entertainment, Dick Wolf’s production company behind the FBI franchise. The video from set shows an awesome orchestra playing together for the first time.

“Music to our ears! You would never know this was our orchestra’s first time playing together! Our #FBIInternational team hired musicians as background actors, and they all came together to play live on the day of shooting the episode! Here’s a peek at rehearsal! #TheFBIs,” the Tweet posted by Wolf Entertainment reads.

The orchestra sounds awesome and seeing everyone play together must have been quite the treat for the cast and crew.

FBI: International as well as FBI and FBI: Most Wanted all come back tonight, Tuesday, January 4th. The three shows have all been on a hiatus and performed fairly well in the ratings last fall.

The New ‘FBI: International’ Episode Sees the Team Tackling a Dangerous Hostage Situation

The FBI: International episode that airs tonight follows the team tackling a dangerous hostage situation. And the Orchestra is a part of it. A mysterious group of criminals takes a group of student performers and their families hostage in a concert Hall, and the team must work to get them out safely.

The group is ultimately looking for a ransom paid in cryptocurrency. This isn’t the first time FBI: International has talked about cryptocurrency as ransom, but this episode will have much higher stakes and many more potential victims involved.

The Season will Also See more of a Fan-Favorite Character

We’re also going to see more of a fan-favorite character this year: Tank the dog. Tank is Forrester’s dog and an important member of the team, and fans love seeing him. So the showrunner has promised to bring in more of him.

But that doesn’t mean they’re going to push a dog past his limits.

“Tank’s going to have some issues of his own coming up,” showrunner Derek Haas told TV Insider. “But as far as how much we use him, we just play it by ear with what the script dictates each episode. We’re not trying to force him into scenes that he shouldn’t be a part of.”

“That dog is super lovable, and we just liked the idea that Forrester’s a little bit of a lost dog himself. And so, of course, he would bond with this lost dog,” Haas said.

If you’re a fan of the FBI franchise, all three series release new episodes Tuesday nights and are back from the winter hiatus. FBI: International is the newest of the bunch and has gained mixed reviews so far. But it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of the other shows in the franchise.