‘FBI: International’ Draws Inspiration from Katy Perry for Budapest Rooftop Scene

by Anna Dunn

FBI: International drew inspiration from a surprising source: Katy Perry. During a Budapest rooftop scene, the newest show in CBS’s FBI franchise decided to draw inspiration from the pop star. The singer wound up shooting her music video for her iconic song, Firework, on the same rooftop.

Additionally, some of the crew that was working on FBI: International also worked on that music video. Quite an interesting amount of similarities for two very different projects. The show explained this in a new tweet made by the official Wolf Entertainment account. Wolf entertainment is led by Dick Wolf, creator of the FBI franchise, Law & Order, and other hit series.

“What does our #FBIInternational Fly Team have in common with Katy Perry? This amazing Budapest location! The singer shot her music video for “Firework” on the same rooftop we used for tonight’s episode! (Firework emoji) Some of our crew members worked on both productions!” the account wrote in a tweet.

They also included a gif of the stunning Budapest location. While it’s stunning, it also may look familiar.

One of the most interesting parts of FBI: International is obviously the international locations. And so far, the show definitely hasn’t disappointed.

‘FBI: International’ Is Gearing up for Another Crossover

A benefit of doing a franchise series like FBI, NCIS, or Law & Order is that there’s ripe opportunity for a crossover event. A new teaser for the show teases an upcoming crossover event. This time, it won’t be a massive event like in the series premiere, but instead, they’ll just have a character come visit. FBI: Most Wanted’s Julian McMahon will join the team in the Czech republic.

It’ll be fun to see McMahon join the team to help solve a case. It’s always fun to see your favorite characters meet up. On top of the crossover episode, the next episode will examine Kellet’s relationship with her mother. Kellet was only recently cleared to travel so much, and being away so much the time is hurting their relationship.

Kellett is also in a relationship with Forrester. The two had an established relationship with the FBI: International aired and initially kept it a secret. Forrester will likely try and help her out. The dynamic of this relationship is interesting as it’s not a typical will-they-wont-they romance common in the genre.

Luckily, if you want to watch the show, you don’t have much longer to wait. FBI: International airs on Tuesday nights along with FBI and FBI: Most Wanted. International airs at 9//8 central on CBS. If you want to catch up on earlier episodes, you can watch the series on Paramount +.