‘FBI: International’ Teases an Explosive Encounter in New Trailer

by Joe Rutland
(Photo: Nelly Kiss CBS©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved)

Things are getting hot and heavy as the CBS crime drama FBI: International tells viewers about a powerful encounter.

The show, which is part of the Dick Wolf FBI franchise, takes viewers across different cities and countries while pursuing justice.

In this look into its upcoming episode, Outsiders, we get a little sneak peek as to what will be shown next Tuesday night.

Alright, so if you happen to be a fan of explosive shows, then next Tuesday’s episode will be one for you to view.

Cast members of FBI: International include Luke Kleintank, Carter Redwood, Heida Reed, Vidotto, and Christiane Paul.

This show is in its first season on CBS.

Catch this new episode of FBI: International on Tuesday at 9 pm. Eastern, 8 pm. Central, on CBS.

‘FBI: International’ Takes Extra Caution Around Filming Car Chases

When watching FBI: International, you probably will see a car chase or two.

It’s all in the name of keeping the story and action moving along.

What about these car chases, though? The show released a video with the following caption:

“Ever wonder how we get the interior footage for speedy car scenes? While we shoot the exteriors on location, interior scenes are often shot on a stage surrounded by screens. Instead of a green screen, our #FBIInternational team used an LED Wall Stage!”

You can see the video that goes along with the cutline right here.

But there is trouble brewing for one character on the show. Who could it be?

Showrunner Derek Haas teases that Jamie Kellett, played by Reed, maybe getting into some serious trouble. Haas, in a recent interview with TV Insider, indicates that Kellett may do something and ends up on the D.C. radar.

“There’s going to be a case with Kellett where she makes choices that could flash onto Washington’s radar as far as disciplinary action goes,” Haas said. Kellett has shown that he’s willing to bend the rules, but it looks like she’s going to go too far.

Relationship Between Forrester, Kellett Gets Scrutiny From Showrunner

OK, so what about this relationship between Scott Forrester, played by Kleintank, and Kellett?

Are they going to get serious or not?

Haas said they had been reading about how many FBI agents marry other FBI agents.

“What were the dynamics that would cause that?” he asked. “To us, it was, well, the only people that can really understand what you do on the job are the people that are on the job, and so that makes really powerful relationships.”

These two happened to get caught together just before the series started.

Haas again asks, “What complications would that bring about? That’s what we’ve been exploring.”