‘FBI: International’ Teases an Upcoming Crossover

by Taylor Cunningham

Get ready Outsiders—another FBI: International crossover is coming to CBS next week.

Season 1, Episode 7 of FBI: International is bringing FBI: Most Wanted‘s Julian McMahon to the screen. It won’t be a full-on crossover event like the fall premiere. But we’ll still get to watch the different branches work together to solve high-caliber crimes. And we always love to see our favorite characters collide. And next week, McMahon will be helping the team solve a case in the Czech Republic.

There isn’t a lot of information about the event or how agent McMahon will tie into the story. But according to CBS, the episode titled Trying to Grab Smoke will find an American who owns an illegal adults-only site dead in Prague. And the FBI will send the international team to find the victim’s co-founder, who is hiding out in the Czech Republic.

Aside from that, Kellet, who was only recently cleared to return to work, is finding herself traveling more for her career, which will start to further strain her relationship with her mother.

Watch the crossover episode of FBI: INTERNATIONAL next Tuesday (Nov. 16) at 9:PM ET on CBS Television or on-demand with Paramount+.

‘FBI: International’ Creator Talks Forrester and Kellett’s Will-They-Or-Won’t-They Relationship

When Forrester and Kellet joined the team on FBI: International, they were already dating, so they skipped the common will-they-or-won’t-they relationship. And showrunner Derek Haas had a good reason for that.

From the first episode of FBI: International, Scott Forrester and Jamie Kellet were in a heavily involved romance. At first, their relationship was a secret. But after Jamie was shot on the job, Kellet wouldn’t leave her side in the hospital. On his behavior made his teammates realize what was going on.

Derek Haas decided to skip the on-screen courting because, in real life, FBI agents are known to pair up. So the agents wouldn’t have been hesitant to start a relationship in the real world. The real drama would come from the two trying to maintain their romance while working in such a stressful and dangerous job. And in upcoming episodes, Haas plans on showcasing that struggle.

“Yeah, we thought that was an interesting way to do it,” Haas told TV Insider. “We had been reading about how many FBI agents marry other FBI agents. What were the dynamics that would cause that? To us, it was, well, the only people that can really understand what you do on the job are the people that are on the job, and so that makes really powerful relationships.”

“And just to be different, we thought, what if they got together right before our series started and what complications would that bring about?” he added. “That’s what we’ve been exploring.”