‘FBI: International’: The Team Heads to Northern Ireland to Solve a Case in Upcoming Episode

by Taylor Cunningham

FBI: International returns with an all-new episode next week! And it looks like Special Agent Jamie Kellett will be the star of the show.

On January 4th, the Fly Team came back from its month-long hiatus to save an auditorium full of students in Bulgaria after a group of terrorists took them hostage. In the episode, Forrester ended up saving the day with remarkably quick thinking.

Next week, the attention will shift away from Forrester and onto Kellet as she helps one of her informants get out of a European bind.

According to the official synopsis, “Kellett and the Fly Team reluctantly join an investigation in Northern Ireland, when one of Kellett’s shifty yet valuable informants who’s arrested for his connection to a robbery and murder, calls her to help clear his name.”

During the episode—titled Close to the Sun—we’re also expecting to get some insight into who Kellet is as both a person and an FBI agent. And of course, since the series largely surrounds individual cases instead of the agents’ personal stories, it will be interesting to get to know the characters on a deeper level.

Watch Close to the Sun Tuesday, January 11th at 10/9 p.m. C on CBS.

‘FBI: International’ Creator Explains Why Forrester and Kellett Began their Relationship Off-Screen

Jamie Kellet and Scott Forrester make up the star romance in FBI: International. But unlike most series, the two didn’t court on-screen. Instead, the series premiere opened with the two already heavily involved.

During a sit-down with TV Insider, showrunner Derek Hass explained that he chose to skip the typical will-they-wont-they drama so he could showcase a real FBI relationship.

As Haas shared, agents often date marry each other “with surprising frequency, perhaps due in part to the unique demands of their jobs.” And he wanted to showcase the tension that goes along with those romances.

“We thought that was an interesting way to do it,” Haas said. “We had been reading about how many FBI agents marry other FBI agents. What were the dynamics that would cause that? To us, it was, well, the only people that can really understand what you do on the job are the people that are on the job. And so that makes really powerful relationships.”

Throughout the series, Haas will explore how the dangerous and often disturbing career can affect an FBI romance. So we can expect to see a lot of conflict within the Kellet-Forrester duo.

“Just to be different, we thought, what if they got together right before our series started? And what complications would that bring about?” he added. “That’s what we’ve been exploring.”