‘FBI: International’ Will Face a Tense Hostage Negotiation to Rescue Students in Upcoming Episode

by Lauren Boisvert

Things are going to get intense on the ninth “FBI: International” episode. In this installment of the fledgling series, the team has to diffuse a hostage situation; a group of people have taken a concert hall full of student performers and their families hostage. They’re ultimately looking for a ransom of millions in cryptocurrency.

The show has dealt with cryptocurrency as a hot topic before, in “Secrets as Weapons,” episode 3. A cache of crypto was intercepted on its way to a Switzerland vault, with one person dead and another fugitive. The incident led to Jamie Kellett getting shot. In the end, one person led to another led to another, until the team finally found the mastermind behind the theft.

This new episode seems much more high-stakes than episode 3. With lives on the line, the team will have to work fast to crack this case wide open.

Additionally, this is the first time that there’s going to be a new “FBI” and “FBI: Most Wanted” episode, but no new “FBI: International.” The show is going on a mini-hiatus, and the new episode will air on Tuesday, Jan. 4. It’s going to be a tough wait for fans of the “FBI” franchise, but hopefully it will be worth it.

New ‘FBI: International’ Promises More of Tank

There’s mention of the fan-favorite “FBI: International” character Tank the dog in the synopsis for the new episode. Tank is going through some issues, and Scott Forrester is there to support his furry friend.

Executive producer Derek Haas teased previously that something might happen with Tank, saying, “Tank’s going to have some issues of his own coming up.” Who knows what those issues may be, but as far as I know, nothing bad better happen to that dog.

The show is respectful of what a dog can do as an actor, though. They consider what he has to offer story-wise, and also as a literal dog. Haas continued, “But as far as how much we use him, we just play it by ear with what the script dictates each episode. We’re not trying to force him into scenes that he shouldn’t be a part of.”

Tank came to Forrester when the bureau was trying to retire the cadaver dog. Forrester wasn’t convinced the dog was done, or wanted to stop what he was doing, so he took the dog in. Haas has said of Tank, “That dog is super lovable, and we just liked the idea that Forrester’s a little bit of a lost dog himself. And so, of course, he would bond with this lost dog.”

Tank and Forrester make a great team, so hopefully Tank isn’t out of commission very long, whatever happens to him in the upcoming episode.