‘FBI: International’: Will Tank Survive?

by Taylor Cunningham

Last week on FBI: International, the newest member of the Fly Team had emergency surgery. And by the end of the episode, his life was in the lurch. Will he survive?

Earlier this year, Special Agent Scott Forrester hired a four-legged FBI agent named Tank. And the dog quickly became the fan-favorite character on the show. But after a bombing left Tank on shaky ground, we worried that his health was failing.

And when FBI: International came back from its fall hiatus last week, we finally got some answers.

During the episode, Forrester dropped Tank off at the vet before heading to diffuse a hostage situation in Bulgaria. While talking at the office, Forrester shared how he saved his dog from retirement. And he also noted that Tank is getting old.

Upon examining, the vet found that Tank wasn’t injured in the bombing. Instead, he had a lump in his throat, which the doctor thought could be cancer. So Forrester said it would be okay to run tests while he and the team were overseas.

Unfortunately, those tests uncovered a second lump in the dog’s intestines. And while Forrester was busy working the case, the vet anxiously tried to get permission to perform emergency surgery. After getting Forrester’s voice mail a few times, he called Kellet. And she gave permission to cut the lump out of Tank.

When the team returned from Bulgaria, Forrester learned that the dog survived the surgery, but he wasn’t doing well. However, they (and we) wouldn’t know the full prognosis for a few days. And before the show ended, we got a few heartbreaking shots of poor tank hooked up to an IV.

Will the ‘FBI: International’ Four-Legged Fly Team Member Pull Through?

It’s hard to gauge if our favorite four-legged fly team member will survive his prognosis. But Forrester dropping the line about Tank’s age could be a little foreshadowing. However, we’d hope that the series wouldn’t write the pooch off just yet.

There is an upcoming episode titled Chew Toy (Season 1 Episode 11) that we can only assume centers around Tank. But CBS has yet to release the synopsis, so we don’t know if the story will be uplifting—or heartbreaking.

Obviously, the best-case scenario would show the cadaver dog back on the job with Forrester. But we’d settle with Tank retiring from the field so he can live out his life as Forrester’s pet. Anything would be better than Tank meeting his maker.

Either way, we’ll likely find out if Tank will continue with the Fly team when FBI: International’s Chew Toy airs on Tuesday, January 25th at 10/9 p.m. CT on CBS.