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‘FBI’ Star Jeremy Sisto Opens Up on Becoming Friends with Real-Life Agents

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Sony Pictures)

Jeremy Sisto of “FBI” knows a thing or two about real-life crime fighting. That’s because in exploring his role as Jubal Valentine, the actor became friends with some real life agents. This not only helps him portray the complexities of what FBI detectives work through, it gives him insight into the real world of detective work.

In speaking with TellTale TV, the actor opened up about his own character’s struggles as well as how knowing several agents helps him make his character more real.

Sisto further says that he can look to these real-life agents for inspiration.

“I think a lot of these real agents that I’m friends with now, and a lot of people that work in crime-fighting and detective type positions, they really do get addicted to it. And when they stop, they miss it every day. So the fact that someone with an addictive personality, like Jubal, derives so much identity and a feeling of belonging and passion, or puts so much passion into his job, makes sense,” Sisto says during the interview.

He also adds:

“He’s communicating with everyone all the time. He speaks what he’s thinking. It doesn’t help if it’s in your head. It helps if it’s out in the world.”

Sisto’s own character struggles with addiction to alcohol, long hours pursuing cases and balancing his personal and professional life. All these nuances make the character Jubal Valentine relatable and vulnerable at the same time.

The actor joined the cast of “FBI” in 2018 when it debuted on CBS. He says he ‘kind of knew’ executive producer Dick Wolf wanted him to play the part of Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine. The two previously collaborated on other projects and Sisto was immediately onboard.

“FBI” Actor Jeremy Sisto Describes Heart of Show

While Jeremy Sisto has a supporting star-studded cast, he believes the show’s success comes from the stories shared by each character. Without a solid plot line, the show would fall flat. While it centers on fighting crime out of the FBI’s New York location, it’s the people who make the show emotional.

“There is the opportunity here for a plot driven show to have a really solid based in reality of a group of really smart people that are connected throughout the country and throughout the world with so many different agents and people,” he says.

Sisto further says:

“The show is interesting because it always brings up topical issues, but it has a way at not arriving at some political statement itself. Because it’s not a political show and it’s not trying to take one stand or the other. It’s trying to reflect what is there and the difficulty of these questions.”