‘FBI’ Star Jeremy Sisto Explains How Jubal Balances Kids and Work: ‘He’s a Good Guy’

by Taylor Cunningham

Jeremy Sisto has starred on FBI since its premiere in 2018. In the series, he plays Jubal Valentine—the Assistant Special Agent in charge of the New York Field Office.

During a recent interview with Long Island Weekly, Sisto opened up about his character on the actioned packed prime-time drama.

“He’s a good guy,” Sisto put simply.

Jubal Valentine is in the prime of his career. His team members have immense respect for him, and his ability to lead them to greatness makes him a top agent at the Bureau.

But Jubal’s job has weighed hard on his personal life. Agent Valentine is a divorced father of two. His relationship with Samantha Valentine (Mara Davi) failed because working for the FBI took too much time and commitment.

So now, he works hard to be both a great agent and a great father. But finding balance isn’t always easy.

“He’s definitely obsessed with his job. But he’s also obsessed with his kids,” Sisto shared. “His marriage did not work out probably because of the difficulties of the job. Not only is it a difficult job for the people who do it, but also it takes a toll on the family. He’s still devoted to his family, which tells a lot about him.”

His struggles at home are offset by unique on-the-job skills, though. As Sisto admits, Valentine is the problem solver at work. And he loves being the person everyone trusts.

“He’s also usually good at dispelling conflict and intense adversity,” he continued. “If he’s in the room with somebody who’s kind of a jerk having some heated thing, he’s pretty good at deflating that. He’s self-deprecating at times, but he also likes to hear himself talk and he’s definitely not shy about being the center of attention and being the guy that people come to.”

‘FBI’ Actor Became Friends with Real-Life Agents While Exploring Role

While exploring his new role of Jubal Valentine on FBI, Jeremy Sisto befriended some real-life FBI agents. The new relationships didn’t just give him insight into real-world investigating, though. They also proved how hard FBI agents struggle to maintain a personal life alongside their careers.

“I think a lot of these real agents that I’m friends with now, and a lot of people that work in crime-fighting and detective type positions, they really do get addicted to it. And when they stop, they miss it every day,” Sisto told TellTale TV. “So the fact that someone with an addictive personality, like Jubal, derives so much identity and a feeling of belonging and passion, or puts so much passion into his job, makes sense.”