‘FBI’: Jeremy Sisto Says Grief Will Be ‘In the Back of Jubal’s Mind’ Moving Forward

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: David M. Russell/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Star of FBI Jeremy Sisto is always enthusiastic about his role on the show. He spent time talking about Jubal’s grief process and his mindset.

Jubal Valentine has gone through quite a lot. The FBI agent has scars both physical and mental and the career he has chosen doesn’t make that any easier. Moving forward, there is going to be more of a focus on the Sisto character. Developing the personal story around the character and solidifying his story for fans.

Dick Wolf does a great job of not only making great characters but giving them great stories. When you dig deeper into the character, good things happen. That’s how fans have grown so close to characters such as Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson on SVU.

FBI will be taking a further look at Jubal. However, the grief is not going to be at the forefront of the character’s issues. At least, not at first. Anything could happen.

“But [the grief] is in the back of Jubal’s mind, of course – not too far in the back – and I do stuff sometimes in scenes where I’ll just add something that something’s happening off-camera, but you can’t do it too much because then it’s just a little weird. It’s like you’re leaving the audience out of the equation.”

The FBI actor trusts in his executive producer to make a great story.

‘FBI’: Sisto Says ‘The Audience Is Gonna Want It’

Jeremy Sisto has worked alongside Dick Wolf in the past. On top of that, Wolf has a legendary reputation for developing stories and characters. So, it makes sense that Sisto is so trusting of the creator of FBI.

“These agents have to be focused on their cases,” Sisto continued. “So we shall see, but I’m open for it, and I think Dick Wolf has such a great read on his audience that I just trust that if there is going to be more of Jubal toiling with these challenges outside his work, then the audience is gonna want it. And if it doesn’t come, then they’ve had enough for a while and he’ll spend some time in the JOC working these cases.”

This season has been very interesting, especially the Antonio Vargas storyline.

Showrunner Talks Vargas

As this season of FBI continues, the show is going to have to do something about Antonio Vargas. The drug cartel kingpin has been arrested, but there is still more to the story. Showrunner Rick Eid talked about the storyline.

“I love the actor, David Zayas. And I love the three shows we’ve done with him at the center. And I’d like to keep his storyline going for as long as possible… In truth, we just need to come up with the right idea.”

So while that storyline hangs up in the air, the writers and producers are working hard to get it going again. FBI continues this season with new episodes.